That’s No Moon by Inkone. Available on Shirtpunch

This tee shirt by Inkone is available for today only at



Shipping for for me is always a killer so I have to pass. It is a nice design, though.

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Lounge Pants from Think Geek

These Millennium Falcon lounge pants from Think Geek are going to the top of my “to buy” list.


They’re available here for $24.99.

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Star Wars auction for Robbie Edwards

Robbie Edwards is a former ILM employee who has worked as a model maker on The Empire Strikes Back and other special effects movies. Recently, Robbie suffered a stroke and wasn’t insured, so ILM employees both current and former are holding auctions to raise money for his rehabilitation here. There are over 160 auctions of various film making memorabilia and works of art for sale.

This two inch model of the Millennium Falcon by Charlie Bailey caught my eye, so i have put in a bid. Whilst not an actual filming prop, it is an interesting piece.

Charlie_Bailey_2_inch_Falcon_in_case“Charlie Bailey worked as a model maker, chief model maker and model supervisor for George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic starting in 1979 with ‘Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back’. He has 32 movie credits and has worked on many more effects driven movies. This two inch miniature is a replica of the Falcon used in The Empire Strikes Back. It’s actual dimensions are 1.5 x 2 x .25 It comes in a 3.5 x 3.5 x5″ Plexiglas box. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Charlie competed this miniature in 2012.”

21/09/14: Well, my bid was for $400. Not a great bid, but it’s the top end of what I can afford. The final selling price was a whopping $1, 200. I know it’s for charity but that is a lot of coin. I’m disappointed, of course but I am pleased it raised so much cash.

Best wishes to whoever bought her, I hope you can send me a picture of her in your collection.  Best wishes to Robbie, too. MTFBWY.

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Calvin and Hobbes Enamel Pin

I ordered this pin from GBuniqueCreations on Etsy. I have the Tee-Shirt by Chris Wahl, but It’s a great looking pin to add to my collection.

Calvin and Hobbs

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Millennium Falcon key chain by Pyramid International

Well, my third key chain in little more than a month. This one is made by Pyramid International and is made from some kind of vinyl and only cost me 4 Euros.


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Han Solo print by Allen Panakal

This Han Solo print by Allen Panakal is new to ETSY and is rather stylish IMO.

imageIs the Han Solo image from Gentle giant? There’s also a matching Boba Fett print with Slave 1.


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Stars by Matty Rogers

For one day only on Ript Apparel is Stars by Matty Rogers featuring the Millennium Falcon in a Cars style. Cute, but shipping on these things always kills me.


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