“Falcon” by Craig Drake

This Millennium Falcon print by Craig Drake is both stylish and absolutely stunning in my opinion.


Check out his work at the Hero Complex Gallery. The image is 36″ by 24″ and available in three variants. Prints are available for a very reasonable $55 and the edition size is limited to 200 prints. The Variant has an edition size of 40 copies and is $250. It’s printed on metal, which really makes the colours stand out. Then there’s the “Mega Variant“. At a cool $750, it’s printed on brushed Aluminium and limited to an edition size of 10. It sounds expensive, but the actual size of the print is a whooping 60″ wide by 40″ tall. These have already sold out but they’ll be quite the conversation piece.

Craig Drake Mega VariantPrintWell, I’m definitely getting the paper print. I would inquire about the Mega Variant, but i feel that shipping to he UK would be prohibitive.

Here are a couple of detail photos courtesy of collider.com. (Click on the picture to see them full size.)

Falcon by Craig Drake DetailFalcon Detail 2The Hero Complex Gallery is also hosting an exhibition called “Righteous Rides And The Dudes Who Ride Them” on the 3rd May. Be sure to check it out for more examples of Millennium Falcon artwork.

15 April: shipping on the Mega Variant is $750, but on such a large item! I can see why. They’ve agreed to sell an Artists Proof to me and let me pay in installments of $375  a month for 4 months. Great news!!!


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Little Scoundrel by DJKopet

This image by DJKopet (Christopher Kawagiwa) is available on Redbubble as a tee shirt.

DJKopetHe’s also done one for Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia and they’re pretty cute.

DJKopet Luke.jpgDJKopet LeiaUnfortunately, i have a lot of Tee shirts now so I’m not really in a position to get anymore.



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Chewhuahua by Yortsiraulo

This Chewhuahua Tee Shirt by Yortsiraulo is available on TeePublic for $20. I won’t get one yet as i have tons of tee shirts, but it is a lot of fun IMO.


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2014 Disney Chewbacca Passholder pin

This 2014 Disney Pin featuring Chewbacca has the Millennium Falcon embossed in the background and i think it looks awesome.

2014 Disney Pin

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Star Wars Print by Paper and Poesy

This Star Wars Print by Paper and Poesy is based on a vintage Wizard of Oz Poster and is available on Etsy for a very reasonable $15.

Paper and Poesy printIt’s always nice to see the Millennium Falcon as the subject. This is quite nice, IMO.

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1980 Something Falcon by Samurai Ferret

This tee shirt from Samuraiferret is on RedBubble and reminds me of the old Lego Space icon, but with a Star Wars twist.

Samurai FerretIt’s quite nice, but i think it’ll be a while before i pick on up. There’s also an X-Wing one too.

Samurai Ferret X Wing

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Freedom by Russell Walks

Russell Walks has just posted this rather nice image on his blog. Freedom is a new image that he has created for the Topps upcoming “Perspectives” trading card series.

Freedom by Russell Walks

Victory is the Imperial card from the same series.

Victory by Russell Walks

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