ROTJ Print by Posters and the Like

This colourful Return Of The Jedi Print is by Posters and the Like on Etsy for $10.

Posters and The LikeThere’s also a nice print for A New Hope. I wonder what he has planned for The Empire Strikes Back?

Posters and The Like 1The prints themselves are 11″ by 17″. The vendor doesn’t ship to the UK.


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“She’s The Fastest Hunk Of Junk In The Galaxy” by The Greater Geek

I have a couple of prints by The Greater Geek in my collection and they’re both quite nice. This one is called “She’s The Fastest Hunk Of Junk In The Galaxy” and is a minimal print of the Millennium Falcon with Han’s oft quoted boast underneath.

The Greater Geek 2Here’s a close up of the Falcon. Kinda reminds me of Justin van Genderon’s “Lemon” print. Hmmm.

The Greater Geek 1I won’t be able to pick one up for a while as Christmas is coming and i need to save a little.

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Millennium Falcon by Boiling Point Creative

This Millennium Falcon print by Boiling Point Creative is an often used blueprint style but here i feel it has been done very well. There are quite a lot of other Star Wars prints in the collection but only the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing ships have been done with the rest of the series being made up of masked characters. (You can pick up the set on greeting cards for $50 too.)

Boiling Point CreationsThe print itself is a good size at 16″ by 24″. Alas, postage to the UK is a prohibitive £25. Check out his gallery as he has a lot of other genre prints including a lovely Buck Rogers print that i’d be tempted to get along with the Millennium Falcon one.


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Han Solo by Brian Sauriol

Some time ago, Brian Sauriol was auctioning off the original of his Millenium Falcon Cut-Away painting. It was quite a unique auction as not only had this 20 year old painting never been seen before, it also came with all of the documentation between him and Lucasfilm from it’s initial commission, to the finished painting. It is stunning and i put in a bid of £1, 000. Obviously, this was no where near the winning bid. (I knew that i was way off, but as a Millennium Falcon collector, i couldn’t no bid. :) ) In my correspondance with Brian, he alluded that this image may be reproduced as a print in the near future. I was curious about this, so i went on to his site to see if there was any news for this image and saw that this Han Solo print had been submitted along with the cutaway for the 25th Anniversery celebration next year.FalconPoster1_01Now, in case you’re looking at the image of Han thinking it’s a photo, here’s the wire frame drawing showing that it is indeed a piece of digital art.

FalconWireFrame1_01Here’s the wire frame of the Millennium Falcon. Cool, huh?

FalconWireFrame2_01 The whole thing took Brian a staggering 400 hours of work and i can see why.

Hopefully this and the cutaway work will be available in print form in Spring 2015. In case you missed it, here’s a 15MB image of the cutaway in print form.

Poster_2CutAwayClick on the image for the full size. Careful, it’s huge and the level of detail is insane.

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Great Sun Bear by Scott Erickson

These prints by Scott Erickson are part of his AllianceRebellion art show at the Bombsheller art labs gallery in Seattle. Unfortunately, you can only by them by attending the show and they’re not available on line. Shame. The prints are $50 and are 18″ by 24″.


They’re quite unusual and judging by the names, I am assuming that they are Native American Gods in the form of Star Wars ships and masked characters. You can also by the original which is stained on wood for $1200. This version is 48″ by 48″.

Walking Lodge


Death Mask


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Episode VII Millennium Falcon Blueprints

Now these blue prints of the Millennium Falcon are very interesting.


i notice that this one has two outlines of the Falcon on it and I am curious to see if this is a difference in scale between the one in the original trilogy and the new on. There has been some debate over the years regarding the true size of the Falcon. Mike, Chris, I’d love your feedback on this.


Here are some more images.


This final one looks to be a set design. The notes on the left state that it’s for the Massassi temple. Is that a Y-Wing I see there? Interesting design design from the OT Y-Wings that we know and love.


I have some concept art, but I’m having difficulty uploading these from my iPad. Watch this space.


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This Baby’s Got A Few Surprises Left In Her, Sweetheart by Chris Skinner

The Hero Complex Gallery have just released this nice metallic print by Chris Skinner for $40. Called  “This Baby’s Got A Few Surprises Left In her, Sweetheart” it shows the Falcon in the asteroid field being persued by Slave 1

image It’s on a timed release, so the edition size will be determined by the number sold at the end of the release on 22nd October. The print is 24″ by 36″, so quite a size.

This is part of Chris’s “vs” series with other prints depicting X-Wings Vs Tie Fighters. It’s a nice series and I look forward to seeing what else Chris comes up with. Here are
the other prints in the series.




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