Millennium Falcon by Eric Dufresne

I thought that this image of the Millennium Falcon by Eric Dufresne was quite stylish.


You can pick up a print from Society 6.

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Star Wars: Episode VII print by PunchItGraphics

The second print from Etsy is this one by Punch It Graphics and of the two i have seen, i think i prefer this one. It’s a very reasonable price at $15 for the 11″ by 17″ print.

image The print is a digital watercolour.

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Star Wars Episode VII Print by BigTimePosters

It didn’t take long for the artwork to come out once that teaser trailer was released. There have been a few works of art released based on the Falcon’s exploits in this teaser but not much that you can purchase. This one from Big time posters is available on Etsy for approximately $20. The prints themselves are 13″ by 19″.

Episode VII

They’re actually pretty well done and i will definitely look to pick one up in the new year.

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Mali Postage Stamps

I just bought these two sheets of postage stamps from pdcollectables for a very reasonable £3.99. They are from Mali and were issued in 1997.

Both are from Return of the Jedi and i think they’re pretty cool.

Mali postage stamp Sheet 2The Falcon’s a little difficult to make out, but it is there. The second sheet is much better.

Mali Postage stamp sheetHere’s the Falcon stamp on it’s own.

Mali postage stamp

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Millennium Falcon replica seat office chair

Elliott is a friend of mine at work who can only be described as a car enthusiast. He pointed me in the direction of these Millennium Falcon office chairs made by Cobra Seats based on the original design that were made by Goeff Dunsford back in 1976.

I can’t think of how to categorise this. Is it a prop replica? The steel framework is exactly the same as the original. Even down to the typer and diametre of the tubing.

cobra-seats-millennium-falcon-office-chairThey’re £690 each, but that’s a pretty reasonable price for a high end office chair. Limited to an edition size of 200 they’re bound to disappear pretty quickly. I think they’re awesome, but alas i can’t afford one. :(

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Desert Dogfight by Chris Skinner

Chris Skinner has released a new print featuring the Millennium Falcon called Desert Dogfight and i believe that it’s based around the recent teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII.

Chris Skinner Desert DogfightIt’s not the best rendition of the Millennium Falcon, but it’s not bad. I still prefer his Vs‘s print. You can buy the prints for £19 plus postage from his Skinner Creative website.

Chris Skinner Desert Dogfight 2Chris Skinner Desert Dogfight 3This is available on a times release.


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Star Wars Ships by ArtByPawly

These Star Wars Ships prints by ArtbyPawly are new on ETSY. The first in a series features the Millennium Falcon and Slave 1 and is only $15. The artist will continue with Luke’s X-Wing, Vader’s Tie Fighter and a Snowspeeder. My first thought was that the Falcon was reminiscent of Steve Anderson’s Battle of Yavin prints, but the Falcon looks like a new render. I have to sat that i think they look pretty cool and i’m looking forward to seeing the new ships when they’re released.

Art By Pawly Millennium FalconThere’s a tattoo mottif that runs through the series.

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