“Hope” by Greater Geek

Also on Etsy is this set of minimalist prints by Greater Geek for the Star Wars series featuring a ship prominent in that particular movie and a single word. Hope features the silhouette of the Millennium Falcon framing the twin suns of Tatooine.

Greater Geek HopeEmpire

Greater Geek EmpireJedi

Greater Geek JediMenace

Greater Geek MenaceClones

Greater Geek ClonesSith

Greater Geek Sith

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Mini Ships by Jake Russell Thompson

New on Etsy is this minimalist print of the Millennium Falcon by Jake Russell Thompson. It’s one of a series of prints all showing various Science Fiction space ships in profile. It’s quite a nice set IMO, although i am only interested in the Falcon.

Mini Ships Millennium Falcon

You don’t often see the Millennium Falcon in profile like this so it’s a pretty refreshing print

The print can be ordered in several sizes, but I’m going with 11″ by 14″ as that is quite a common size.

Slave 1 and the X-Wing are also available as well as several other well loved ships from other SF franchises including Star Trek, Aliens, Battlestar Galactica and Serenity.

Mini Ships Slave 1Mini Ships X WingMini Ships USS EnterpriseMini Ships GalacticaMini Ships Serenity

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Millennium Falcon by Matt Dye

In May last year the Hero Complex Gallery ran an exhibition called “Righteous Rides And The Dudes Who Ride Them”. The show was based around well known cult vehicles and their owners. Matt Dye created this rather bright print for the show.

BluntGraffixDetailThe print itself is 18″ by 24″ and was limited to a rather small edition size of 25 pieces.

I didn’t find out about this until earlier this year when i stumbled across Craig Drake’s “Falcon”, so i haven’t been able to acquire one. They crop up every now and then on ebay.

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Star Wars Heroes Chocolate Mold from Lakeland

The last item from Lakeland to feature the Millennium Falcon is this “Star Wars Heroes Chocolate Mold” for £6.99. Chocolate Mold from LakelandAgain, i would’ve preferred it if the Falcon where the only shape in the mold, but it’s still a cool and unusual addition to my collection.

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Star Wars Ice Cube Tray from Lakeland

Another item from Lakeland that featured the Millennium Falcon was this “Star Wars Ice Cube Tray“. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t come as just the Falcon but as a single tray featuring the Death Star, AT-AT and Star Destroyer. Ice Cube tray LakelandStill, at £6.99 it’s an easy purchase. As with the cookie cutters, it doesn’t look like a rehash of Kotobukiya’s Millennium Falcon ice trays that were released a while ago.

Kotobukiya Ice Tray

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Star Wars Cookie Cutters by Lakeland

Well, Star Wars kitchenware certainly seems to be the thing for me this month.

I recently bought a Millennium Falcon cake pan from Lakeland and it’s pretty cool. Certainly one of the odder items in my collection. Looking through their website i saw that they also did some “Star Wars Spaceship” cookie cutters for £9.99.

Cookie Cutters LakelandI have the Williams Sonoma cookie cutters in my collection and i am pleased to note that they are different from each other.

Cookie Cutters Williams Sonoma

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“This Could Be It, Sweetheart” by Nicolas Bannister

This lovely print of the Millennium Falcon in the Asteroid field is by French comic book artist Nicolas Bannister and it will soon be available at SDCC at the Acme Archives stand. This is limited to an edition size of 395 and is available for $40 plus postage here.

BannisterNicolas released a very nice series of prints featuring various cult vehicles from the rear left quarter, so I’m really pleased that he’s finally gotten around to the Falcon.

I don’t know about you, but that monochromatic look really suits the Falcon and makes the engines just pop out of the image.

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