Smuggler by Tony Bamber

I thought that this rendition of the Millennium Falcon by Tony Bamber was pretty interesting. Just called “Smuggler”, it showcases the Millennium Falcon as a turntable with various knobs and headphone jacks making up other parts of the Falcon.

Tony Bamber The Smuggler

I like it. It’s different and dare i say, cool. (Click on the image for larger version.)


You can buy the image printed on to various bits from his web site, but i went with the 24″ by 36″ print.

He also does one called DJ-3P0.

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Disney Tsum Tsums 40th Anniversary Pack

I bought this 40th Anniversary pack of Disney miniature Tsum Tsums for £10 at the Disney Store. They’re pretty cute, even the GF likes them. And they come in a great Millennium Falcon box.


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Stern Pinball Machines

Stern Pinball have recently been granted a license to  produce Star Wars Pinball machines for general release in the US.

The Pro table is the basic machine and has an MSRP of $6, 199

SW Pro-GAMEpage

The Premium table has more features and has a MSRP of $7, 899

SW Premium-GAMEpage

The Limited Edition table will be a release of 800 machines and has an MSRP of $8, 999



The Limited edition table has some really nice Graphics of the Millennium Falcon and were I a rich man, i’d be all over this.

Each of the tables has a nice graphic of the Falcon near the paddles


The Premium and LE tables also have a “Jump to Lightspeed” feature which has a lovely 5 inch sculpted and LED lit Millennium Falcon.



I did send a message asking if i could buy one of the 5″ models from them, but alas, no answer.

Check out the features on each of the tables on the attached PDF.

Star Wars Feature Matrix


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The Han Solo Trilogy Barnes and Noble Exclusive Edition

Barnes and Noble are releasing this exclusive leather bound cover for the Legends Star wars; The Han Solo Trilogy by A. C. Crispin.

Barnes and Noble Han Solo Trilogy

Due for release on the 25th September, it’s priced at $25.

Thanks to my friend Brian Heath for the heads up.

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You’re not actually going INTO an asteroid field by Rob Surette

The second print to feature the Millennium Falcon is this one by a new artist to ACME Rob Surette. Titled “You’re Not Actually Going INTO an Asteroid Field”, it too is from the Asteroid chase scene in The Empire Stikes Back.


This one is my favourite of the new releases and  i love the use of colour. The print is quite limited in comparison with some of the other ACME prints.

Only available in canvas it’s limited to an edition size of only 25 pieces and is $350 for a 30″ by 20″ print.

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Planetesimals by Cliff Cramp

ACME have released a few prints this week and three of them feature the Falcon.
The firesfrom Cliff Cramp is called Planetessimals and showcases the famous asteroid scene from The Empire Strikes Back. I rather like it.


The canvas version is limited to 95 pieces and is $350 for a 20″ by 30″ piece. The paper version is limited to an edition size of 150 pieces and is $195 for a 13.3″ by 20″ image size.

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Bandai’s 1:72 “Perfect Grade” model

Bandai are releasing this beautiful 1:72 scale version of the Millennium Falcon as seen in Star Wars Episode IV; A New Hope.

Bandai Perfect Grade 1Bandai Perfect Grade 2

Based on the five foot version of the filming models, Bandai’s “Perfect Grade” version claims that it looses none of the detail.

It also looks like the LED lighting comes as standard on this kit.

From what i can make out, the kit has quite a nice flight display base, but it can also be displayed with the landing gear.

It’s price at JPY43, 000 which is about £300. Add shipping costs and VAT and this will end up costing me nearly £450. Pricey, but as a collector, i think that it’ll be worth it overall. The Fine Molds version is from The Empire Strikes Back, so the two should display really nicely next to each other.

I’m not a modeller, so i’ll need to look at a pro built option.

Here are some more detail shots of the model. It does look really good and Bandai’s boast not to loose any details is very promising.

I particularly like the figurine in the gunnary station. A nice touch.

I’ll try and find out more details later as i’m curious to know how many pieces will make up the kit. At the moment, you can only get these from Bandai’s website.

So, what do you think?

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