Star Wars Phrase Game

I bought this Star Wars Phrase game the other day.



Here’s what the Hasbro web site says about it.

It’s the intergalactic version of the classic Catch Phrase game! Can you guess the words from the Star Wars Universe that your teammate is trying to get you to guess? The fast-pass play challenges both teams to give verbal clues and gestures without saying anything in the actual word. Compete at the Apprentice of Jedi Master level and see how many points your team can score before Chewbacca speaks to end the round! The team that scores 7 points first wins, so rack your brains and gather your knowledge of the Force to be the Jedi Master of Catch Phrase!

•Includes game unit and instructions.

•Electronic Star Wars version of the classic Catch Phrase game challenges you to use your knowledge of the Force

•Easier Apprentice level or more difficult Jedi Master level

•Game unit keeps track of your score and times each round

•Unit speaks like Chewbacca when the round is over

•Ages 12 and up.

•For 2 teams.

•Requires 3 “AAA” batteries (not included).

I won’t be playing it, but i am glad i have one.

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Badge from Japanese Exhibition

I bought this badge from a Japanese seller on ebay for a Star Wars Exhibition. The pin itself is a little over an inch long.

Japan Star Wars Exhibition 4

I thought the box that it came in was very nice too.



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Hasbro’s SDCC 2017 Display

At this years San Diego Comic-Con, Hasbro are showcasing their 3.75″ action figures in some rather cool dioramas, including this very , very nice Millennium Falcon dio. Of course, none of them are designed for mass production and sale, but they are all really good, none the less.


I suppose that you could argue that it’s a reworking of Attakus’s Millennium Falcon and Death Star Dio, but the inside’s not as detailed. The outside looks pretty good and the addition of lights is a nice touch. (Something that would’ve made the Attakus dio even better.)


It’s not quite up there with Hot Toy’s displays last year, but it is a great display.

Thanks to Rebelscum and their ongoing reporting of the SDCC for the heads up and the photos.


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Navy Chief CPO Challenge Coin

I bought a Navy Challenge coin a couple of months ago and was really delighted by it, so i was pleased to stumble on this one on Ebay.

Navy Chief COP Challenge

The coin is about five inches wide and is made out ot metal, so it has a really nice feel to it. The blue engine is a nice touch. I’m really pleased with it and the display box is very nice, too.

I was quite lucky with the auction, but it cost me twice as much as the coin itself to ship to the UK.

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Napkin Inkless Pen

A couple of interesting additions to my collection this week. The first is this “inkless pen” from Napkin Forever in a rather nifty Millennium Falcon case.

Napkin Pencil 1

Napkin Pencil

I got mine from Amazon for about £30. It’s nice, but i have yet to write anything with it.

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Millennium Falcon Earphone Mascot

I just bought this Japanese Earphone Mascot from a seller on Ebay.

You simply plug it into the earphone jack on your mobile and that’s it.

The Falcon’s a little smaller than a Micro machine.

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Smuggler by Tony Bamber

I thought that this rendition of the Millennium Falcon by Tony Bamber was pretty interesting. Just called “Smuggler”, it showcases the Millennium Falcon as a turntable with various knobs and headphone jacks making up other parts of the Falcon.

Tony Bamber The Smuggler

I like it. It’s different and dare i say, cool. (Click on the image for larger version.)


You can buy the image printed on to various bits from his web site, but i went with the 24″ by 36″ print.

He also does one called DJ-3P0.

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