Adidas Originals Back Pack

Also available in Adidas Originals line is this kids back pack.

Adidas Originals BagYou can pick them, up at the Adidas shop for £25, but with a size of 12cms by 22cms by 31 cms, it’s not practical for an adult but as a collector i’ll probably look to picking one up.

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Adidas Originals trainers

Adidas have had a Star Wars licence for some time now. This year, their Originals line up includes a range of sports accessories that include the Millennium Falcon hurtling through the second deathstar at the battle of Endor.

Included in the range are these ZX Flux Training shoes;

Addidas ZX Flux Trainers 1 Addidas ZX Flux Trainers 2 Addidas ZX Flux Trainers 3 Addidas ZX Flux Trainers 4 Addidas ZX Flux Trainers 5 Addidas ZX Flux Trainers 6 Addidas ZX Flux Trainers 7Unfortunately, you can only buy these in Kids (£37) or Infant (£47) sizes and they don’t seem to be available in adult sizes.

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75105; Lego Millennium Falcon for The Force Awakens

Rebelscum have just posted these photos of Lego’s Millennium Falcon model for The Force Awakens.

LEGO-The-The-Force-Awakens-Reveals-03 LEGO-The-The-Force-Awakens-Reveals-04Due for release on September the 4th, it has a respectable 1, 329 pieces. I’m hoping that they will also revisit the UCS version too as i have no chance of getting one of the original sets. No information yet on price, but i reckon it’s going to be around the £200 price range.

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SDCC 2015: Exclusive Santa Cruz “Tech Deck”

Santa Cruz have this Millennium Falcon “Tech Deck” exclusive to this years SDCC convention.

SDCC 2015 Santa Cruz Tech Deck 2  SDCC 2015 Santa Cruz Tech Deck 4

They’re approximately 3″ and packaged quite well in my opinion. Naturally, i will have to get one off Ebay.

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Millennium Falcon cake topper from Birthday Express

Mike pointed me in the direction of this Millennium Falcon cake topper from Birthday Express.

star-wars-cakes-z1It comes with a small, plastic Millennium Falcon model, two cardboard cutouts of an X-Wing and Tie Fighter and a small Star Wars placard. The Falcon looks like it may have lighting on the stand as well. They’re $14.99 each including shipping.

Unfortunately, they don’t ship to the UK. :(

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SDCC 2015: Star Wars Risk by Hasbro

Shown at the Hasbro booth at this year’s SCCC was the Risk boardgame. Now i know that Star Wars Risk has been on shelves for some time now, but this one features the Millenium Falcon very prominently on the cover.

SDCC 2015 Star Wars RiskThere’s also a game piece too.

SDCC 2015 Star Wars Risk 2 SDCC 2015 Star Wars Risk 1Thanks to Rebelscum for the photos and the heads up. Here’s a close up of the Falcon piece.


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Millennium Falcon Model Kit by Argonauts

I’ve just seen this Argonauts model kit on ebay. I’ve never seen one of these before, so i do believe the seller when he says that it’s quite rare.

Argonauts Model 1It’s from Japan and at the time it was considered the best model kit available. It’s dated from 1994, so it preceeds the Fine Molds Falcon.

Argonauts Model 2 Argonauts Model 3 Argonauts Model 4 Argonauts Model 5 Argonauts Model 6 Argonauts Model 7 Argonauts Model 8The scale is 1:44. The original retail price was $85, but this one’s going for $300 which i’m led to believe is very reasonable for this kit.n Unfortunately i simply can’t afford it at the moment so i’ll have to pass.

Thanks to Star Wars for the images.

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