Childrens Watch by ZEON

I recently bought this childs watch from Forbidden Planet for £10. It’s a cheap and cheerful item, but i quite like it. The watch face has the Millennium Falcon in light and dark relief and i like the way that the strap continues with the Falcon motiff.

imageOverall, it’s a nice addition to my collection.

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Millennium Falcon by Terez Szilvia Huszar

This Millennium Falcon painting by Dubai based artist Terez Szilvia Huszar is very interesting as it’s been created using five differing size canvases. I rather like this idea, as it’d let you hang these at difference locations and let visitors piece it together themselves.

imageIt’s very detailed and i’ve said before, i like the minimalist monochrome look with only splash of engine glow as colour. The painting 110cms by 160cms and has already been sold.

Check out her website and imgrum page for more examples of her stunning work.

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Millennium Falcon Painting by David Hardy

Last year i was fortunate enough to pick up this wonderful painting of the Millennium Falcon by David Hardy. It’s a beautiful piece and i’m very proud of it. David has returned to the Millennium Falcon in the form of the original Episode IV version at rest on the sands of Tatooine.

image1Oil on canvas, it’s 60″ by 30″ and I, for one, love it and i was extremely disappointed to have to pass on it.

Check out David’s other works on his website and Facebook page. If you’re interested in getting the original (and i highly recomment it), drop him a line.

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Millennium Falcon Panel from the Prop Shop

Rebelscum recently reported that Disney and Lucasfilm have releases a new line of collectibles called “Ultimate Collectibles” from the Prop Shop. They have a license to sell various prop replicas from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I didn’t take much notice at the time as all the props were mainly masks and lightsabers and there weren’t any Millennium Falcon related items in the initial line up. These photos from this year’s San Diago Comic Con posted by Shadow on the RS Forums show some sort of Control Panel relating to the Millennium Falcon.

iWBwksAs with the other Ultimate Collectibles stuff, it looks well made and is a fair size at approximately 4 foot by 3 foot. Still, It’s a really random item to be honest and i can’t think why they chose this to create a prop replica. Estimates are that this will be circa $4, 000 so i am well and truly passing on this.


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QMX Millennium Falcon cut away model.

I’ve been hoping for some time that QMX would follow up their stunning cutaway Serenity model and it appears that my wish has been granted. One of the guys over at Rebelscum posted these photos of a cutaway model of the a millennium Falcon that’s on display at the QMX stand at this years SDCC.


Even the base looks pretty cool and I’m very glad to see that they’ve gone with the Original Trilogy, but I do find myself wondering if they’ll release a second version with a slightly different interior as detailed by Kemp Remillard in The Force Awakens cutaway drawings.

i have been told that is approximately 18″ long. It’s exquisitely detailed and i wouldn’t like to hazard a guess on how much this will retail for. I read that it’s estimated to be between $500 and $700, but I really can’t see something this intricate being that priced that low. Anyway, I for one can’t wait for an official word on this.

For more information, keep an eye on the QMX website or the Rebelscum forums, but i will keep you posted. I find myself thinking how far away an QMX Artisan model of the Falcon will be.

A little Eater Egg. If you look to the right of the Side port where the ramp is you can see the yellow containers of Han’s unspent reward as seen in A New Hope is stored. Thanks to datrktrooper99 for the heads up and the photos. I hope to get access to more photos once Shadow returns from the con tomorrow.

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Little Reys Destiny by Nick Scurfield

New from ACME is “Little Rey’s Destiny” by Nick Scurfield which continues his Destiny series of prints with characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Little Reys Destiny by Nick ScurfieldI already have Little Han’s Destiny and Little Chewie’s Destiny but i’ll probably wait a while before picking one of these up.

The prints are limited to an edition size of 150 and is 13″ by 19″. The price is $89.

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Millennium Falcon in Hyperspace by Christopher Clark

Millennium Falcon in Hyperspace” is an officially licenced artwork by American Artist Christopher Clark. This painting really gives the sensation of speed and i love the lighting on the Hyperspace effect, something i imagine would be difficult to pull off.

Millennium-Falcon-in-Hyperspace-webYou can even see Han and Chewie piloting the Falcon in the cockpit. A nice touch IMO.

Millennium-Falcon-in-Hyperspace-web Detail 1Prints are available from The Incredible Art Gallery for $395 and is limited to an edition size of 95 pieces. They’re also a fair size at 21″ by 37″, so you get a lot of print for your money. As you can see in the two detail shots below, you can really pick out the paint that has been applied. It’s almost as if it’s been done with a pallet knife. It’s a tactile look and i almost want to run my fingers over it.

Millennium-Falcon-in-Hyperspace-web Detail 2Millennium-Falcon-in-Hyperspace-web Detail 3I did send an enquiry about the original and Christopher was gracious enough to get back to me straight away. The original has yet to be priced, but you’re probably looking at around $6, 000, which isn’t too bad for a licensed original. George Lucas has first refusal on the originals for all licensed artwork, so it may not necessarily be available.

I’d love to see that collection as there’s got to be a book in there somewhere. Still, at least we know where all those lovely originals are going. (I wonder if he has that stunning Grimaldi piece in his collection too?)

For those interested in picking up one of the limited edition prints, use the promotional code “incredible” for a 10% discount.

You can also order these from the ACME Archives web site. $395 for the Canvas edition (SWESB629).

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