Millenium Falcon stationary set

New to my collection is this really nice stationary set. It comes with a rather nice note book, a stylus pen, key ring and badge all with a Millennium Falcon blueprint motiff.

SR71985-Star-Wars-Millennium-Falcon-Stationery-Set-a SR71985-Star-Wars-Millennium-Falcon-Stationery-Set-b SR71985-Star-Wars-Millennium-Falcon-Stationery-Set-c SR71985-Star-Wars-Millennium-Falcon-Stationery-Set-d

The key ring is printed ink rather thank etched, so be wary of it wearing out if you use it.SR71985-Star-Wars-Millennium-Falcon-Stationery-Set-eMine cost me £30 from ebay and i have to say that it was a really pleasant surprise. I need to get a second one so that i can use it.

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Gambler’s Rush by Raymond Swanland

ACME Archives have released this beautiful work by Raymond Swanland of the Millennium Falcon being chased by a Tie Fighter through an asteroid field.


Called “Gambler’s Rush” I think It’s beautifully detailed and it really gives you a sense of speed and danger. I seriously need to save some cash to get one of these.

It’s 20″ by 30″ and available in both canvas Edition for $395 and paper edition for $165.

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Epoch 3D Millennium Falcon puzzle

Epoch are releasing this 3D puzzle game in Japan. It’s one of those puzzles with the ball bearings in the maze and it has been a long time since I’ve seen this type of toy so there is a little wave of nostalgia


I preordered one from Hobbylink Japan for ¥2, 500 (just over £16).



I need to Google translate the features.

image image

I preordered from Hobbylink Japan for ¥2, ooo.

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Nixon Millennium Falcon back pack

Also on the Nixon website is this Millennium Falcon back pack. It comes in one colour (Gunmetal Grey) and is £100.


That’s a lot of money for a back pack, so i’ll wait this one out. Still, a nice detail on this one is the Millennium Falcon print that makes up the lining.



  • Dimensions are 11.8″ by 6.25″ by 17.8″ for a 15 litre capacity. 



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Nixon Star Wars Watches

I have a couple of Millennium Falcon related watches, but they’re all squarely aimed at children. These Star Wars watches by Nixon are pretty interesting but they’re aimed at children who grew up with Star Wars. The Millennium Falcon watch face is quite subtle with only the Cockpit window on the top half of the watch. There are three Millennium Falcon related watches in their range.

My favourite is the Sentry SS. It’s pretty minimal in its look and it’s a little more dressy. It’s on sale at their website for £210, which isn’t bad at all.

A356SW-2385-view1 A356SW-2385-view2 A356SW-2385-view3 A356SW-2385-view5The next one is the Ranger Chrono SW. This is a little chunkier and i’m not too sure whether i like it or not.


As well as the cockpit detail on the left dial, I like the use of the quad gun window on the right dial. A nice touch, in my opinion. This is available for £320 and is the most expensive in their range.

The back of the watch is the same as the Sentry, but in a lighter colour relief.

A549SW-2385-view5The final watch in the Millennium Falcon range is the 46 SW. This one has the Falcon cockpit on the 12 o’clock position as well as a laser firing quad gun for the third hand.

A916SW-2385-view1Initially, i didn’t think to much of this, but as i look at it, i find myself warming to it a lot. As with the other two watches, the rear is the Falcon cockpit but with no shading.


The 46 SW is priced at £280.


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Star Wars TFA Vinyl Soundtrack

My friend Brian let me know of this rather interesting collectible. Disney are releasing the sound track to Star Wars: The Force Awakans on vinyl. The double disc features holograms by Tristan Duke on the B side of each disc. Disc one, side B has a hologram of the Millennium Falcon and disc 2, side B has a holgram of a Tie Fighter.

TFA SoundtrackThe set comes with a 16 page booklet of linear notes by J. J. Abrams. The set is due for release on 17/06/16 and is priced at $49.96. Preorder yours here.

Shipping was $15.90, so i preordered. It’s nice set in my opinion and would be an unusual addition to my collection.

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Star Wars:The Force Awakens Picture Disc

This special edition 10″ vinyl picture disc and has the Millennium Falcon fleeing two Tie Fighters through the wreckage on Jakku on side A (March Of The Resistance)

R-8399893-1460873854-4432.jpegand The Falcon heading toward the fighters on (Rey’s Theme) side B.

R-8399893-1460874020-1560.jpegIt’s limited to a pressing of 15, 000 copies and is a nice addition to any collection IMO.

I bought mine from Discogs for 14 Euros plus postage. Get your’s here.

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