DeAgostini: Build The Millennium Falcon; Issue 6

As a subscriber, i’ve been getting the magazine in groups of four issues at a time, so i’ll probably post the issues as they get delivered.

The parts that come with this magazine arethe cockpit exterior, instrument panels, some kit bash parts and some main hold details. As with the previous issue, they’ve sent the parts in a plastic bag.

imageAs expected, the cover has another nice shot of the model that we’re building (or collecting parts for).

imageContinueing from the last issue’s Corellian Engineering Corporation’s feature, this issue features Dash Randar’s Outrider from Steve Perry’s Shadows of the Empire.

image imageKashyyyk is this weeks planet being explored.

imageThe Derjerik table is the part of the Falcon in this weeks issue.

imageimageThe magazine has this beautiful rendition of the table explaining the componants of how it works. It’s incredible to think that such a small part of the original Star Wars trilogy has inspired quite a lot of attention.

This weeks parts must practically finish the cockpit.

imageimageimageThe kitbashed parts look pretty interesting.



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DeAgostini: Build The Millennium Falcon; Issue 5

So now we enter unknown realms with this build. Issue 5 is the first new magazine outside of the original four and for some reason DeAgostini have decided to bag these parts instead of using the card back (which i liked). I worry about postage on these items, but this batch came through OK.

The parts included with this issue are the cockpit access passage, a lighting board and some more of the cockpit panel.

imageIssue 5 has a nice close up photo of the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit.

imageThe first part of the magazine is about the Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC) and their starships. Quite cool actually. Especially as the EU has been relegated to Legend status.

imageimageIt’s also great to see that they are pulling together information and pictures from all elements relating to the Millennium Falcon. The cutaway diagram on the left is from the brilliant Haynes owners manual, whilst the drawings showing the official variants is from the West End Games role playing game.

imageThe smuggling compartments are shown on a blueprint. A shame as i love the bespoke drawings that this magazine has.

imageimageimageimageimageOverall, this is a good issue. I am really pleased to see that the magazine continues with keeping stuff not relating to the Falcon to a minimum.

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Millennium Falcon Pathtag #32581

I’ve seen two different style pathtags and it’s an interesting hobby. I still don’t understand it, but i think that you design and print your own pathtags and leave them in vatrious locations for people to find. They then register their finds on the internet.

This pathtag was on ebay last week and it’s a pretty cool design. I put in a maximum bid of $25, but didn’t win. :(


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500 piece jigsaw puzzle

Manufacturer: Trefl
Year: 2015
Price: £15
Edition Size: Not Limited

I picked up this 500 piece jigsaw puzzle by Trefl for £15.


Its not much, but it’s a worthy addition to my collection as I don’t have that much in the way of Jigsaw puzzle.


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Millennium Falcon Piñata by Hallmark

Manufacturer: Hallmark
Year: 2015
Price: $22.99
Edition Size: Not Limited

This Millennium Falcon Pinata by Hallmark is certainly an weird addition to any collection.

45597-star-wars-3d-collapsible-pinata2The Pinata is filled with sweets and suspended from the ceiling. Children take turns in pulling at the sttring beneath the Falcon and one of them opens the cargo bay doors and lets all the sweets out. It’s a pretty cool item, actually.

It’s approximately 20″ by 16″ by 3″ and holds up to 3lbs of sweets.

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Millennium Falcon Toy Storage Bin by Neat-Oh!

Also at this years International Toy Fair was this Millennium Falcon toy storage bin by Neat-Oh. Pretty cool, huh?

2015-International-Toy-Fair-Neat-Oh-003I wonder how big it is? No release date, but the $10 price tag is very encouraging, although it is a shame that it’s the wrong way round.

Again, thanks to Rebelscum for the heads up and photo.

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Galactic Battle Wonderscape from Uncle Milton

Also at the Uncle Milton stand at this years toy fair was this Galactic Battle Wonderscape where you can creae your own battle scenes by suspending them in a viscous gel. This one has a larger Millennium Falcon toy in it and i will be looking to track on down.


I’m not sure how big the Falcon is, but it’s clearly the centrepiece on this particular Wonderscape.

Again, no news on price or release date. Thanks to Rebelscum for the heads up and photos.

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