Kashyyyk Homecoming – Return of the Falcon by Kevin Weber

This painting by renowned aviation artist Kevin Weber is set after the events of Return Of the Jedi and depicts the return to Kashyyyk of Han Solo and Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon. It’s a stunning piece of work in my opinion and it’s wonderful to come across something like this.

image The painting itself is oil on canvas and is 30″ by 15″ in size. Canvas giclee prints are available at his site for $65. Fortunately for me, Kevin has agreed to sell me the original for $650. I don’t thing that’s a bad price for an original oil painting.

image image imageCheck out Kevin’s other work here.

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Kessel Run by Alex Roca

I saw this set of Star Wars Planetary travel posters on Tumblr. They’re by Alex Roca and they are very cool. Especially the Kessel run.

imageI can’t see anything to see of these are available as a print. I’ll keep looking.

The others in the series are. Tatooine






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Ewok Blocking by Patrick Ballersteros

This Millennium Falcon Ride artwork by Patrick Ballesteros celebrates the imagination of children and is very sweet. It has touches of James Hance and Christian Slade about it.

pb_ewok_blockingIt’s from his 25 Cent wonders series and i urge you to check out his gallery as there is a lot of genre stuff. Each print is 6″ by 8″ and is only $8, so i will definitely be picking one up.

 His other Star Wars works include “Paid In Full” with Boba Fett riding Slave 1

pb_paid_in_fullA Taun Of Fun

pb_taun_of_funChew’s The Force

pballesteros_chews_the_force3’s A Crowd

80e526ea4c46797d-pballesteros_starsLooking forward to seeing more.


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Hasbro’s “Loopin’ Chewie” Game

Also from Hasbro this year is “Loopin’ Chewie” which is due to be released in Autumn later this year. It is based on the Loopin’s Louis game.

020815_StarWars_LoopinChewie2Basically, a battery-powered motor placed in the center of the table rotates a boom with Chewie riding the Millennium Falcon. Four radial arms lead out to the players and the targets they’re trying to protect. Each player has a little lever, which is used to knock the rotating plane away from your chickens and hopefully into someone else’s. When only one player has targets remaining, he or she wins the game. Very silly and very addictive.

Here’s a close up of Chewie and the Falcon.

Loopin-Chewie-CloseupChewie looks like he’s in full on Wookie berserker mode. :)

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Play – Doh Millennium Falcon playset

Something for the younger Star Wars fans from Hasbro this year are these rather cool molds from Play – Doh. There are a few, including Luke’s X-Wing and Vader’s Tie Fighter, but the one i’m interested in is the Millennium Falcon.

Play dohI love the character pots of Play – Doh.

Play doh 3Play doh 2I don’t know when these are being released but they were debuted at this year’s toy fair. I’m hoping that we’ll start to see them at the later end of the year.

Play doh 4Interesting to see the pot with the Death Star theme. Does this mean we may see a Millennium Falcon pot?

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Rebel Alliance bi-fold wallet by Bioworld

Manufacturer: Bioworld
Year: 2015
Price: $16.99
Edition Size: Not Limited

Bioworld are releasing a lot of interesting Star Wars collectibles and this wallet is one of them. I’ll pick one up on pay day.

$_12Another functional item to add to my collection.

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Star Wars Weekends Galactic Gathering 2015 Pin

Each year Disney World hosts a sort of mini Disney/Star Wars event. At each event there is a series of collectible pins that are available in limited quantities. I have several of these at home and they are very nice. Rebelscum have posted on the pins released this year and this rather nice Millennium Falcon one is due to be released.


Naturally, i will need to rely on Ebay to get one of these.

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