Millennium Falcon Crocs

I recently posted about a pair of kids Crocs. My searches have been for nought and it appears that these are long sold out. However, the Crocs website has a new pair for sale. This pair features an image of the Force Awakens version of the Falcon on the top part of the shoe and has a rather nifty profile running the length of the sole with some blue LEDs at the back for the engines.


They’re on the Crocs website for $50. It’s a shame that the batteries for the LEDs aren’t replaceable. Still, I will try and get a pair.

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Millennium Falcon Lunch Plates

Kotobukiya from Japan released a couple of Star Wars lunch plates at the end of last year and i have to say that the discovery of these did make me laugh out loud. First in this new line up are the Millennium Falcon and Luke’s XP34 Landspeeder.

Kotobukiya Millennium Falcon Lunch Plate


The Millennium Falcon plate has three compartments and is approximately 35cms long. I think these are in th eprototype phase and are scheduled to be November next year. I will certainly be trying to get one. Retail on these is expected to be JPY39, 000 (around $37.)

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2016 Celebrations Europe Collectors Coin

The Collectors panels at the 2016 Celebrations Europe gave away these coins depecting various vintage Star Wars Toys. There were twelve different coins altogether and while they are all nice, i am only interested in the Millennium Falcon coin.

s-l1600 front

It’s about 3 inches in diametre and the colours are quite vivid. I have now idea how many were made, but i don’t imagin that it’d be too many, so i feel kinda lucky to have snagged one.


Here’s a photo of all twelve.


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Disney Magic Bands

At the Disney Parks, visitors can purchase “Magic Bands”. These bands are programmed with your ticket details and allow you access to designated areas, much like the RFID cards that you’re issued with. Some activate different lights and sounds, depending on which one you’ve bought. These bands are priced between $12.95 to $32 depending on which one you have. It’s a pretty cool, (if expensive) way if interacting with the park.

I’ve tried looking for these on ebay, but for some reason they’re difficult to track down.

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Disney 2016 Kessel Run Pin

This 2016 Millennium Falcon pin is a take on the medal that was handed to those runners that completed the Disney Half Marathon in 2015. It’s quite nice, actually. The Millennium Falcon is well sculpted and i like the blue on engine and the ribbon.

Kessel Run

The pin is about an inch and a half so don’t let the giant photo follo you.

The actual medal is proving very hard to track down.

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Millennium Falcon Crocs

Like most of you, I’ve always considered Crocs to be a crime against fashion. That said, I’m going to have to get a pair of these Millennium Falcon Crocs to add to my collection.


I rather like the Millennium Falcon detailing along the sole.



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UGG Millennium Falcon Slippers

Searching for new Millennium Falcon collectables to blog about, i came across these Millennium Falcon inspired slippers by UGG. Okay, so these are kinda weird, but i quite like them. I bet they’re very comfortable.


The leather upper has stitching to resemble the saucer section of our favourite iconic spaceship. There’s also a nice rebel insignia rivet, which is a nice touch.

At £55.98 they’re not cheap, but i’d bet they’re worth it. I’ll probably order a pair on payday.

I’ve just seen that you can also get the UGG boots which appears to have stitching based on the Cockpit corridor.

DO NOT USE THE LINK I POSTED. I ordered these last week and was disappointed to receive a pair of black Nike trainers in the post.


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