Revoltech Millennium Falcon

At last year’s Tokyo Toy Fair it was announced that Kaiyodo Revoltech in Japan were planning on releasing a series of figurines and ships from Star Wars. Outside of the X-Wing and a few figurines they didn’t have much to show, but they did have a silhouette of the Falcon which looked to be about 7.5 inches.

Revoltech 4 Revoltech 3 Revoltech 2 Revoltech 1The prototype looks quite good so far but i am looking forward to seeing the finished model.

RevoltechThese are due to be released later this year for around the $45 mark.

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Star Wars tie from Think Geek

Think Geek are selling this rather nice Star Wars neck tie with a simple X-Wing and Millennium Falcon reoccurring pattern.

Think Geek NecktieThink Geek Necktie 1

Its limited to an edition size of 300. However, the $64.99 price tag is a little off putting.

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Millennium Falcon by the Chalktwins

This Millennium Falcon piece is by the Chalktwins (Devon and Lexi Fulmer) and is part of their spaceship series with the Falcon being number four.

millennium_falcon_by_chalktwins-d85n3daAs you’d expect from a chalk drawing, the colours are vibrant and quite lovely. The original is 2 ft by 3 ft and is chalk on board, but you can buy a postage friendly 12″ by 18″ print at their Etsy shop for only $25 or a 6″ by 8″ print for $10.

The others are the USS Enterprise, Serenity and the Swordfish II. (They’re currently working on the SS Normandy.)

Chalktwins SerenityChalktwins USS EnterpriseChalktwins Swordfish IICheck out their DeviantArt page where you can download a massive 11MB file of this beautiful drawing.

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Escape From Bespin by Keith Crawley

Another painting by Keith that features the Millennium Falcon is “Escape From Bespin“. Again, another stunning piece of work with a lot of colour and atmosphere. Keith Crawley Escape from BespinThe original painting is in the hands of a private collector.

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Death Star II Run by Keith Crawley

This “Death Star II Run” painting by Scottish artist Keith Crawley is absolutely beautiful. Atmospheric and it has a real sense of speed.

Keith Crawley Death Star II RunAt 43 cms by 82 cms, it’s a fair size and it’s for sale for a local pick up. I’m REALLY interested, so I need to see if I can take my GF for a weekend away and pick it up. It’s painted using acrylic on card. There’s also a sister piece called “Tie Chase“.Keith Crawley Tie Chase

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Han Solo Lego Minifig Magnet

In 2013, Lego released some Star Wars Minifig magnets. Each minifig has a different background relating to their character. Han Solo’s background is the Millennium Falcon in Docking Bay 94.

Lego Magnet PackagingLego MagnetPretty cool, huh? They retailed for $6.99, but only Yoda, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and the Stormtrooper are still available.

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Millennium Falcon Pendant by SalesOne

I have the Bioworld pendant but i still need to track down one of these pendants by SalesOne.

SalesOne PendantThe casting looks pretty well done. They retail for $39.99 but i’m having difficulty getting one in the UK.

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