Metal Tin from Marks and Spencers

Marks and Spencers are selling this rather nice Star Wars Millennium Falcon tin containing shower gel, shaving gel, a Death Star Soap on a Rope, a face cloth and some  bubble bath in a lightsabre container.

M and S 1M and STthe tins are individually numbered, but at £30 i’m not sure if it’s worth that kind of money.

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Millennium Falcon key ring

I went to Forbidden Planet last week and saw these inexpensive Millennium Falcon key rings for £2.99 that i just had to pick up. Key RingI can’t find them on their website, but they’re in the shop.


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Bookcase Bed by “Rooms To Go”

This Millennium Falcon book case bed by Rooms To Go isn’t as nice as the Pottery Barn one, but it is still pretty cool and quite practical.

“You don’t have to play a game of sabacc to get your hands on your very own Millennium Falcon full panel bed. The headboard looks like the cockpit of the infamous vessel, making you feel like you’re looking into space at the Death Star. Charge your electrical devices or plug in your favorite movie into one of the two electronic ports or USB ports located on the headboard, compatible with Bluetooth and most music players, tablets, and laptops. A tablet holder and stereo speakers make it easy to be immersed in the entire experience! Multi-function touch lighting can be adjusted depending on your preference: low, medium, or high. A remote is also included, which adjusts the flashing speed. The bookshelf base on the headboard has a textured “carbonite” feel that offers a non-slip surface for displaying items or books, while side bookshelves offer additional storage space. Constructed of tubular steel and sheet metal in a gray finish, this sturdy bed will impress.”

The bed itself is $699

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Falcon Crew by Simon Delart

Simon Delart recently displayed some of his work at the “Star Wars: An Art Odyssey” exhibition in France in partnership with the Pixel Cafe. One of his pieces was “Falcon Crew”.

Simon DelartI have sent a message to see if they are still available but im waiting for information on shipping.

There were two other prints in the series.

Dark Side Helmets.

Dark Side Helmets by Simon DelartDroids and Robots.

Droids and Robots by Simon Delart

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Millennium Falcon Dog Pull toy from Petco

I have to say that i adore this Millennium Falcon pull toy from Petco. It comes with Han Solo and Chewie plush characters with embroidered details and squeakers hidden inside for dogs to discover; plus, features a rope handle for launching epic games of fetch. Features include

  • One of our exclusive Star Wars toys-collect them all!
  • Includes mini squeak toy Han Solo and Chewbacca
  • Reinforced fabric with printed details
  • Squeakers adds fun sounds to playtime
  • Rope handle encourages interactive play


I think it’s great and at $14.99 i just had to pick one up.

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TFA Millennium Falcon bag from Subway

I picked up this TFA Blueprint sandwich bag from Subway last week. It was free, but i had to buy a kids meal to get it.

imageIt’s about 12″ by 8″. Sorry for the poor quality photo.

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Beast Kingdom Millennium Falcon

My last post for 2015 is an interesting one. Beast Kingdom are releasing this “Egg Attack” floating Millennium Falcon. It uses electromagnetic attraction and repulsion to created the floating effect and I believe that this will be the first Millennium Falcon model to do so.


No details on pricing or availability, but the features include lighting on the model as well as on the levitation base, which has been styled to look like Echo Base from The Empire Strikes Back. The model itself is approximately 5.5 inches in length.


The detailing looks pretty good, although the oversize rectenna and docking ports clearly make it a toy. Still, I think it’s interesting and will probably pick two up so that I can display it.


The estimated release date is June 2016 and it will retail for approximately 4990 Japanese Yen.

Thanks to Dis Kingdom for the heads up.

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