Lego Millennium Falcon by Titans Creations

Titans Creations in Singaport have created the ultimate cutaway Millennium Falcon out of Lego.

1247523498335266196Using 10, 000 Lego bricks, this model is a massive 3′ 7″ by 3′ 4″ and includes LED lighting for the engine, corridor and cockpit.


OK, so Han and Chewie are in the wrong seat.

1247523498641112212 tumblr_no8dylR3211uubadio1_540 tumblr_no8dylR3211uubadio4_1280 tumblr_no8dylR3211uubadio3_1280 tumblr_no8dylR3211uubadio2_1280 1247523495061599892 1247523498419628436 1247523498468361620 1247523498579640212Check out the link for more photos.

Lego, are you watching? This is the UCS we want for Episode VII. :)

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“Welcome Home” by Nigel Sade

I discovered this image by Nigel Sade yesterday afternoon called “Welcome Home” and it’s clearly an homage to the new Episode VII trailer. I’ll admit that it’s an unusual depiction of our favourite ship. Personally, I like the look of it and the stylised rebellion logo looks like it comes straight out of the pages of a Conan the Barbarian novel.

unnamedNigel states that they started out as tattoo designs. Over time the requests became not for Tattoos but rather for proper wall art. So given this, I did pieces that were Fan Art related and some that were more Fine Art. so with the Fan art I wanted to give people something that gave a nod to their favorite fandom and at the same time felt more like fine art.

There are prints available and they are reasonably priced. Those in the US can also get copies printed on metal, which i’d bet looks very nice. There are a few other Star Wars images, each sharing the same style.

Darth Vader “It’s Too Late For Me

Sade VaderDarth Maul “Revenge

Sade Darth MaulThe Imperial Sigil “As The Emporor Has Forseen

Sade IMperialThe Rebel Sigil “A Fools Or The Fool Who Follows Them

Sade RebellionBoba Fett’s Mythosaur Skull “You’re No Good To Them Dead

Sade MythosaurCheck out his gallery, as there are some really nice images there. I particularly like the Tardis, USS Enterprise and Superman work.

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Minimalist Millennium Falcon by S. Preston

I stumbled up on this minimalist Sci Fi series by Canadian artist S. Preston today and will be picking up the Millennium Falcon print come payday.


They come in several sizes and the larger ones are limited but I’ll only get one of the 13″ by 19″ sizes which is an open edition.

He’s done a Tie Fighter and I hope he returns to the Star Wars universe soon.

imageCheck out his website here

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“What A Piece Of Junk” by Tim Doyle.

This five colour print by Tim Doyle is on a timed release and will only be up until close of play, Monday 04/05/15 on the Spoke Art website. The prints themselves are 24″ by 36″ and are $60.


There’s also a black and white metallic variant available for $70.


According to the website, there’s going to be another, special variant for those who buy the UnReal Estate 4 set. I hope that we get to see this variant.

I rather like this image as we don’t often see the Falcon on Hoth, although the title lends itself best to docking bay 94 on Tatooine. A great print in my opinion and I’ve preordered both.

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“Transports” by Dave Perillo

To celebrate “Star Wars day” on May the Fourth, Dark Ink are releasing five new prints. “Transports” by Dave Perillo will definitely be added to my collection.

transports_perilloThe prints are limited to an edition size of 250 and are 18″ by 24″. A snip at $50.

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Millenium Falcon hat pin by Pinpocalypse

After missing out on the Bassnectar pin, i found this enamel pin by Pinpocalypse on Storeenvy.

imageNicely done in my opinion and it has a lot of painted detail.

I can’t find any information on this, but it should arrive in the coming week.

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DeAgostini: Build The Millennium Falcon; Issue 16

Issue 16 parts are a large piece of the cockpit corridor, some more of the subframe and outer hull parts.

image image image image image

This week’s magazine goes into some detail about the internal layout.

image image image image imageThat’s it for another month. I haven’t been building my model, but it looks like there must be quite a way through the subframe and outer hull. We have a couple of bank holiday’s coming so i might start making my model then.

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