Millennium Falcon Scissors from Roseart

I have the Roseart Pencil Sharperner and I’ve seen these scissors on ebay many times, but i’ve held back on buying them as i couldn’t make out the details and thought that people were listing them as Millennium Falcon scissors due to the shape of them. When i did see a photo good enough to show details, i couldn’t get them for a good price (for some reason, ebay listings for this were going for around $50.) This unopened Roseart “Fun Kit” cost me $10 plus shipping, so i’m quite pleased with myself.

Roseart 1 Roseart 2 Roseart 3I’ll keep looking for the scissors on their own.

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Mamesara (Small Plate) from Star Wars Visions Tokyo

I picked up this Souvenir “Mamesara” plate on It’s from the 2015 Tokyo Star Wars Visions exhibition. It wasn’t cheap, but i figured that as a collectible souvenir it wouldn’t really be readily available in the future.

Tokyo Souvenir Plate 2The plate itself measures 8.5 cms in diametre and comes with a certificate of authenticity and a nice little box. There’s one more available here.

Tokyo Souvenir Plate 4

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Boxer Briefs from Bioworld

These boxer briefs are made by Bioworld and they’re not cheap. Current ebay lists are for between 21$ and $28.

Bioworld Briefs Bioworld Briefs 1 I must confess that this made me laugh when i saw them, but they do actually look pretty comfortable.

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Hot Toys 1:6 Millennium Falcon Main Hold?

This diorama of the Millennium Falcon’s main hold has been seen at the Hong Kong Toy Fair next to their awesome 1:6 scale Millennium Falcon. There has been no announcement as to whether this will be made available to the public, but hopefully it’ll be another set similar to their cockpit.

Internal LoungeThat thing’s got to be about four feet square so be prepared for some big shipping charges.

No information yet regarding price or availability, but i’ll keep you posted.

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Jeremy Ennis Dejarik table

Also from Jeremy Ennis is this Micro drawing of the Dejarik table. Again, at $50, this is a reasonable price.

Jeremy Ennis Cockpit Series Dejarik TableI quite like the way he’s made the hologram figures translucent.

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Jeremy Ennis Star Wars Cockpits

Jeremy Ennis has put these microart drawings of various cockpit views from the Star Wars series on his Etsy shop. These are very cool in my opinion.

They’re about $50 each, which is very good IMO. The Millennium Falcon sold quickly. :(

Jeremy Ennis Cockpit Series Millennium FalconThere are a few more up for grabs, including this awesome Slave 1;

Jeremy Ennis Cockpit Series Slave 1X-Wing front view

Jeremy Ennis Cockpit Series X-Wing Front ViewX-Wing rear view

Jeremy Ennis Cockpit Series X-Wing Rear ViewTie Fighter

Jeremy Ennis Cockpit Series Tie FighterAT AT

Jeremy Ennis Cockpit Series AT ATSnowspeeder

Jeremy Ennis Cockpit Series SnowspeederI must confess that i haven’t yet bought anything from Jeremy, but i will. I wonder what he’s going to draw next. Perhaps the view from the gunnary station.

Check out Jeremy’s shop on ETSY.

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Hot Toys 1:6 scale Millennium Falcon

Yes, that’s correct a 1:6 Millennium Falcon. Rebelscum just posted this on their site.

“We thought Hot Toys hit their limit with the 1/6 scale TIE Fighter they had on display the other week at San Diego Comic-Con, but clearly we were all wrong. Collectors with an extra 18-feet diameter space to fill (like a double garage or something as such) will be happy to know that the Hong Kong based toy makers have just announced the appearance of a 1/6 scale Millennium Falcon at the Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong (July 24 – 28)! Click the thumbnail above to check out the preview image. If this momentous endeavour is put into production for sale, chances are good adding it to the photo archive will be a challenge.”

Hot-Toys-Millennium-FalconObviously, this wont go into production, but some lucky collector will get this. Hopefully it is an indication that Hot Toys will be prepared to release sets similar to their cockpit dio. I’d love to see the Ramp, Gunnery wells, Dejarick table in 1:6 scale. I will post more photos as i see them.

23/07/15; Here are a couple of photos of the HT Falcon being set up. So there’s not a lot of details compared to other versions, such as the Master Replicas Falcon, but I think that she looks beautiful.

HT FalconHT Falcon 2Hot Toys Falcon 4The base is pretty cool, too. Man, i’d love to see this in the flesh.

Hot Toys FalconHot Toys Falcon 1 Hot Toys Falcon 2 Hot Toys Falcon 3

Looking forward to seeing more photos as i’d like to see the ramp.

1545818_10153031356467475_471741786285679382_nLighting on the Mandibles is a nice touch.

10410720_10153031356457475_1569220153979737295_n 10612850_10153031356317475_1758698522364038718_nIt’s got come internal detailing too, but it looks like this is a seperate display in the same way as the Cockpit.

Internal Photo11059544_10153031356312475_5865580234553304781_n 11224103_10153031356322475_128086108632109321_n 11233336_10153031356302475_3739149245022318346_n 11703355_10153031356272475_4438952235539455262_nI notice that this is the Episode V version of the Millennium Falcon.

11709763_10153031356277475_7367881951405020049_n 11745478_10153031356297475_5705362133605200393_n 11760136_10153031356292475_6517256758729449500_n 11781814_10153031356437475_4821887444904145274_nThis needs a 1:6 Mouse Droid, or two. I wonder if Luke and Han are in diguise in this set up. :)

There’s an entry on Tumblr stating that this will be available as a collectible at the 2020 International Toy Fair for $48, 000 plus shipping and it will be limited to an edition size of 50. I need to confirm that, but if it’s true, it’s quite exciting. OK, i’ll never own one. (too big and too much money), but this is a new grail item for me. :)

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