Hasbro’s SDCC 2017 Display

At this years San Diego Comic-Con, Hasbro are showcasing their 3.75″ action figures in some rather cool dioramas, including this very , very nice Millennium Falcon dio. Of course, none of them are designed for mass production and sale, but they are all really good, none the less.


I suppose that you could argue that it’s a reworking of Attakus’s Millennium Falcon and Death Star Dio, but the inside’s not as detailed. The outside looks pretty good and the addition of lights is a nice touch. (Something that would’ve made the Attakus dio even better.)


It’s not quite up there with Hot Toy’s displays last year, but it is a great display.

Thanks to Rebelscum and their ongoing reporting of the SDCC for the heads up and the photos.


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Navy Chief CPO Challenge Coin

I bought a Navy Challenge coin a couple of months ago and was really delighted by it, so i was pleased to stumble on this one on Ebay.

Navy Chief COP Challenge

The coin is about five inches wide and is made out ot metal, so it has a really nice feel to it. The blue engine is a nice touch. I’m really pleased with it and the display box is very nice, too.

I was quite lucky with the auction, but it cost me twice as much as the coin itself to ship to the UK.

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Napkin Inkless Pen

A couple of interesting additions to my collection this week. The first is this “inkless pen” from Napkin Forever in a rather nifty Millennium Falcon case.

Napkin Pencil 1

Napkin Pencil

I got mine from Amazon for about £30. It’s nice, but i have yet to write anything with it.

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Millennium Falcon Earphone Mascot

I just bought this Japanese Earphone Mascot from a seller on Ebay.

You simply plug it into the earphone jack on your mobile and that’s it.

The Falcon’s a little smaller than a Micro machine.

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Smuggler by Tony Bamber

I thought that this rendition of the Millennium Falcon by Tony Bamber was pretty interesting. Just called “Smuggler”, it showcases the Millennium Falcon as a turntable with various knobs and headphone jacks making up other parts of the Falcon.

Tony Bamber The Smuggler

I like it. It’s different and dare i say, cool. (Click on the image for larger version.)


You can buy the image printed on to various bits from his web site, but i went with the 24″ by 36″ print.

He also does one called DJ-3P0.

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Disney Tsum Tsums 40th Anniversary Pack

I bought this 40th Anniversary pack of Disney miniature Tsum Tsums for £10 at the Disney Store. They’re pretty cute, even the GF likes them. And they come in a great Millennium Falcon box.


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Stern Pinball Machines

Stern Pinball have recently been granted a license to  produce Star Wars Pinball machines for general release in the US.

The Pro table is the basic machine and has an MSRP of $6, 199

SW Pro-GAMEpage

The Premium table has more features and has a MSRP of $7, 899

SW Premium-GAMEpage

The Limited Edition table will be a release of 800 machines and has an MSRP of $8, 999



The Limited edition table has some really nice Graphics of the Millennium Falcon and were I a rich man, i’d be all over this.

Each of the tables has a nice graphic of the Falcon near the paddles


The Premium and LE tables also have a “Jump to Lightspeed” feature which has a lovely 5 inch sculpted and LED lit Millennium Falcon.



I did send a message asking if i could buy one of the 5″ models from them, but alas, no answer.

Check out the features on each of the tables on the attached PDF.

Star Wars Feature Matrix


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