Let The Wookie Win by Jim Ferguson

The Hero Complex Gallery also had this rather nice print by Jim Ferguson called “Let The Wookie Win” of Chewie and R2’s Dejarik game from A New Hope.

il_fullxfull.453924299_7tt5It’s 11″ by 5″ and it doesn’t specify an edition size. Still, for $25 i thought that it was well worth it.

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Uuuuuuuuur Ahhhhhrrrrr Uhrrr ahhhhrrrr aaaarhg by Guillaume Morellec

The Hero Complex Gallery is currently hosting an exhibition called “Quotes, Lines and Lyrics“. Guillaume Morellec has submitted this Chewbacca print called “Uuuuuuuuur Ahhhhhrrrrr Uhrrr ahhhhrrrr aaaarhg“. (Thank god for copy and paste.)

It’s tenuous, but the Millennium Falcon can be seen on the border on the bottom right corner of the print.

uuuuuuuuur-ahhhhhrrrrr-uhrrr-ahhhhrrrr-aaaarhg 1It was $50, so i thought that i’d pick one up. The print itself is 18″ by 24″ and is limited to an edition sizze of 100 prints.

uuuuuuuuur-ahhhhhrrrrr-uhrrr-ahhhhrrrr-aaaarhgChewbacca is very well done, i think.

As can be expected with the HCG, there’s a lot of great genre stuff. Check them out.

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Millennium Falcon Papercraft Figure packs

I saw this Paper Craft Millennium Falcon Expansion pack up for preorder on the Forbidden Planet website and had to put myself down for one. From what i can find, these are made by Jazwares who normally specialise in electronic goods. I’ll keep looking to see if i can find out anything more about them.

Papercraft-Figuren-Set-Millennium-Falcon-Vehicle-Pack-STAR-WARS.pngCool aren’t they? I might need to pick up a second set so that i can make them. Theyu’re due for release at the end of April. There are two other Star Wars Packs.

The Death Star:classic-death-star-deluxe-pack---papercraft-figure-set---star-wars_JAZ12910_2The Escape Pod:escape-pod-desert-pack---papercraft-figure-set---star-wars_JAZ12900_2

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Marvel Issue 001 Varient Cover

To celebrate the joining of Star Wars and Marvel comics, a limited release of Star Wars issue one blank covers was given to various artists to create variant covers. This one is by Jason Aaron, John Cassaday and Laura Martin and is available from FunGuyStudios at their Etsy store for $133.

FunGuyStudios 1This is the only variant cover that i have seen so far that features the Millennium Falcon and i think its pretty nice artwork. I won’t be getting it as it’s too pricey for me and they don’t ship outside of the US.

FunGuyStudios 3FunGuyStudios 2The shop also has a Battle of Hoth and a Battle of Yavin variant cover.

FunGuyStudios 4 FunGuyStudios 5

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DeAgostini: Build The Millennium Falcon; Issue 8

Issue 8;

Parts featured with this issue are the Technical Station, Main Hold Walls and more seating parts.

imageimageAs with the last issue, issue 8 continues with the Corellian YT Series legacy. Th eYT1200, YT1210 and YT1250 are featured this week.

imageThe technical station is the part of the Falcon in this weeks magazine although we’ve has the tech station beautifully detailed in a previous magazine, the main hold is also detailed in this issue.

imageThe blueprint showing the Droid Interface stations is a nice touch, although i can believe that there are only two in the passenger compartment, i can’t help wondering if there are more.

imageThis weeks Exploration of the galaxy is on the regions of the galaxy.

imageHopefully the partwork will give us more information on trade and smuggling routes.

imageI must confess that as the partwork progresses i’m losing confidence in my ability to do this rather excitingly complicated replica justice as i have pretty poor modelling skills and very little patience.

imageimageimageimageThat’s it for another 4 weeks. Overall i’m impressed with what DeAgostini are doing here. The magazine does appear to be focused on aspects of the Star Wars Galaxy linked to the Millennium Falcon and hopefully the kitbashed parts are pleasing the more experienced model makers, although I do hope that DeAgostini start posting the parts on the card again.

I’m also wondering if DeAgostini will release a limited run of the model completed by professional model makers. It would make sense as not all of us are good modellers and it would put a little more money into DeAgostini’s coffers. (It has been done before with the Fine Molds Falcon, so i don’t see why not.)

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DeAgostini: Build The Millennium Falcon; Issue 7

Issue 7 parts are the main hold floor and some parts for the passenger seating.

imageThe cover of this weeks magazine shows the rear engines. I notice that the engine “grill” pattern that was added to the special editions isn’t there.

imageThis issues continues it’s feature on the YT series with the YT1000.

imageimageThe crew facilities is feaured in this weeks magazine and it has this rather nice image of the crew sleeping quarters. (I wonder if there is a seperate cabin for the Captian?)

imageYavin and it’s moons is the planet being explored this week.

imageimageCrikey, that seat looks complicated.



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DeAgostini: Build The Millennium Falcon; Issue 6

As a subscriber, i’ve been getting the magazine in groups of four issues at a time, so i’ll probably post the issues as they get delivered.

The parts that come with this magazine arethe cockpit exterior, instrument panels, some kit bash parts and some main hold details. As with the previous issue, they’ve sent the parts in a plastic bag.

imageAs expected, the cover has another nice shot of the model that we’re building (or collecting parts for).

imageContinueing from the last issue’s Corellian Engineering Corporation’s feature, this issue features Dash Randar’s Outrider from Steve Perry’s Shadows of the Empire.

image imageKashyyyk is this weeks planet being explored.

imageThe Derjerik table is the part of the Falcon in this weeks issue.

imageimageThe magazine has this beautiful rendition of the table explaining the componants of how it works. It’s incredible to think that such a small part of the original Star Wars trilogy has inspired quite a lot of attention.

This weeks parts must practically finish the cockpit.

imageimageimageThe kitbashed parts look pretty interesting.



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