Star Wars:The Force Awakens Picture Disc

This special edition 10″ vinyl picture disc and has the Millennium Falcon fleeing two Tie Fighters through the wreckage on Jakku on side A (March Of The Resistance)

R-8399893-1460873854-4432.jpegand The Falcon heading toward the fighters on (Rey’s Theme) side B.

R-8399893-1460874020-1560.jpegIt’s limited to a pressing of 15, 000 copies and is a nice addition to any collection IMO.

I bought mine from Discogs for 14 Euros plus postage. Get your’s here.

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12 Parsecs by Jonathan Ball

This mixed media painting of the Millennium Falcon is by Jonathan Ball and it’s quite unique and I find the style pretty interesting.

Johnathan_Ball_12_Parsecs_(small)-0001Part of a larger collection featuring modern cultural icons featuring several paintings of Star Wars characters and vehicles.

It was available from the Liss Gallery, Toronto and priced at $9, 800 USD for the original painting which is 60″ by 72″ in it’s frame. Hand embellished prints are also available in a limited edition of 77 for $1, 325 USD. The prints are framed and are 24″ by 30″.

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Millennium Falcon by Ben Jeffrey

Last year, i thought i had some success with adding some original pieces of art to my collection. (Kevin Weber’s “Return to Kashyyyk“, Keith Crawley’s “Death Star Run” and David Hardy’s “Millennium Falcon”.) They’re all stunning and i was really pleased with them. Emboldened by the aqcuisition of these pieces, i thought that i’d actively seek out original pieces of art and came across the wonderful work of Ben Jeffrey. I commisioned him to paint the Millennium Falcon for me and with The Force Awakens having just been released, it was natural that he’d want to paint a scene from the movie.

Ben JeffreysBen’s depiction of the Millennium Falcon’s flight from Jakku is spot on and there’s a real sense of speed and action in this painting.

The image itself is 40″ by 30″ and oil on canvas.

Ben Jeffreys 5 Ben Jeffreys 4 Ben jeffreys 2 Ben Jeffreys 1I stuill have a couple of months to pay on it, so i wont have it in hand until the end of June.

Check out more of Ben’s work here.

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Pop Art Painting by Cargill

Last month i bought this rather nice oil on canvas painting by Chris Cargill from his Ebay shop. It’s really nice and the missus loves it, which is always a massive bonus for me as she doesn’t really care much for my collection.  I bought this one for $56 plus shipping, which is an absolute bargain in my opinion.

CargillAs with the other painting, this is 24″ by 18″ in size. They’re very good and i thoroughly recommend him.

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Fantasy Flight Games TFA Millennium Falcon

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new “Heroes of the Resistance” expansion pack for their successful X-Wing miniatures game that features the Millennium Falcon and Poe Dameron’s Black X-Wing from Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

FFG TFA Millennium Falcon

FFG TFA Millennium Falcon 2

I have the OT Falcon, and they are very good quality, so i’m really pleased about this addition to the fleet. Perhaps they could release a Stellar Envoy to represent the PT?

Here’s what they say on their site;

“Updating the Millennium Falcon

While, in essence, it is still the same heavily customized YT-1300 light freighter that the galaxy has come to know and love, the Millennium Falcon from the Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack comes with a few key differences from the version in the Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack.

First of all, you might notice the ship’s new, rectangular sensor array. While this is likely the first change you may notice in the difference between the sculpts, it is not the only one. Heroes of the Resistance introduces a new sculpt and paint scheme for the Falcon that faithfully represent all the changes that the ship underwent between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

Next, you might notice that the expansion’s new Millennium Falcon  Title upgrade features a different ability from the version in the Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack. While that version seemed to reflect Han Solo’s ability to fly the Falcon out of the most improbable of situations, the new version calls to mind Rey’s piloting in The Force Awakens, as she looped back on her opponents after flying out of the hull of a crashed Star Destroyer. And just as that maneuver allowed Finn to line up a shot, the new Title upgrade allows your Falcon to catch your opponents squarely in your firing arc more often than not.

And that is a good thing. For even as Heroes of the Resistance introduces new versions of both Han Solo and Chewbacca, it also marks the debut of Rey . The Falcon may come with a turret primary weapon, but Rey’s ability ensures that you get the most mileage from your Falcon when you can maneuver it skillfully. Whenever she attacks or defends against an enemy ship within her firing arc, she can reroll up to two blank dice. Accordingly, even as Heroes of the Resistance promotes the exploration of new tactics, it emphasizes the importance that the game places upon skillful maneuvering, reinforcing one of the game’s core joys.”

The set will also come with new cards with new artwork.

FFG TFA Millennium Falcon 1

FFG TFA Millennium Falcon 3


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Kessel Run by Mike Kungl

ACME Archives offering for the May the Fourth is this Kessel Run print by Mike Kungl.

Kessel Run by Mike KunglI like it, but i think that it’s more suited to their Dark Ink collection.

It comes in two Canvas sizes (the large is 24.6″ by 35.5″ and is $600 and the small is 18″ by 26″ and priced at $400) the paper version is 14.5″ by 21.5″ and is $165

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Millennium Falcon Cutaway by Kemp Remillard

DK books recently released an Incredible Cross Sections book based new designs seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We were treated to many new cross sections created by digital artist Kemp Remillard, including a brand new cutaway of the Millennium Falcon with 30 over years of upgrades and redesigns.

Kemp Remillard Millennium Falcon 1

Close up shots show just how much attention to detail goes into something like this. From details and spoilers on the new movie;

to little snippets taking us back to the Original Trilogy, such as the smuggling compartments, top hatch or the Training remote.

Every single detail has been thought about, discussed and approved. Very well done, Kemp.

Unfortunately, you cannot get this as a print on it’s own, which is a shame as i’d love to hang it next to my Christopher Cushman cross section. For those of you that haven’t yet bought the new Incredible Cross Sections book, i highly recommend it. Check out Kemp’s website for more example of his work.


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