Star Wars Rollinz

I’m not too sure what these “Rollinz” figurines are but from what i can make out it’s an italian collection made of 22 characters (14 light side, and 8 dark side), which can be collected in this rather handy Millennium Falcon collectors case.

At this point i’m not sure whether i’ve got this right, but it appears that you use the figures in conjunction with an app. You scan the figures to give your inapp game more abilities.


rollinz-star-wars-esselunga Millennium Falocon

The figures are pretty cute and 1.99 Euros each and there’s a Jabba one, so i need to tell my frined icruise. The Falcon looks like it’s made from cardboard. Anyway. i have put in a bid on a so hopefully i will be able to report back on quality in a few weeks.

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Star Wars air freshener by Napolex

I was browsing the internet for more Japanese Millennium Falcon related collectibles and stumbled across a company called Napolex. They specialise in in car accessories and their catalogue features SW17, an in car air freshener.

imageimageAty 68x100x2 mm, it’s a pretty decent size. Unfortunately, i can’t find anywhere to buy it.

I love the expression “Swinging and enjoyable fragrance”.

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Chuck Wendig – Life Debt

While at Forbidden Planet, i also preordered Chuck Wendig’s Star wars: Life Debt which has a great image of the Millennium Falcon on it.


Life Debt is the sequel to Star Wars: Aftermath and is due to be released on 24 March 2016

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Cinefex Issue 145

I just preordered the Cinefex Magazine number 145 for The Force Awakens. Here’s the cover.


I preordered it from Forbidden Planet for £8.50 plus postage and it’s due for release in February.

This brings back memories of my Return Of The Jedi Cinefex magazine that i have. :)

Cinefex ROTJ.jpg

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Millennium Falcon by Julia Las

Julia Las hails from the Ukraine and specialises in beautiful miniature water colour paintings. Most of her work is of the natural world, but she’s clearly a Star Wars Fan. I saw that she had painted the Millennium Falcon and contacted her to see if she’d do another for me. She agreed and i’m looking forward to receiving it in the coming weeks.

Julia Las Millennium Falcon

This one’s mine.


She’s clearly a talented artist and considering how small these paintings are, they are incredibly detailed. Original paintings are reasonably priced between $50 and $65 and prints are $15. Check out her Etsy shop and contact her. i’m sure she would be interested in commissions.

Here is the rest of her Star Wars collection.


Julia Las BB8


Julia Las R2 D2

Wicket (original)

Julia Las Wicket

Depending on how different my Millennium Falcon is, I’ll probably pick up a print of her Millennium Falcon too.

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Millennium Falcon Stamp by Jeremy Ennis

The final stamp in the Star Wars set is this wonderful Millennium Falcon.

Jeremy Ennis Millennium Falcon Stamp

Again, $50 and i will be looking to pick this up very soon. :)

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Falcon Airmail by Jeremy Ennis

Jeremy has also recently started a new series of drawings of air mail stamps using various Star Wars images. I will be looking to pick “Falcon Airmail” up once i get paid.

Jeremy Ennis Falcon Air

They’re approximately 1 inch by 1.5 inches and as you can clearly see, they’re pretty intricate. At $50 each they are a bargain.

Jeremy Ennis Admiral Ackbar Stamp Jeremy Ennis Bantha Stamp Jeremy Ennis Bespin Stamp Jeremy Ennis Boba Fett Stamp Jeremy Ennis Leia Stamp Jeremy Ennis Luke Skywalker Stamp Jeremy Ennis Solo Tauntaun Stamp Jeremy Ennis Tatooine Jeremy Ennis TFA Luggabeast Stamp Jeremy Ennis TFA Stamp Jeremy Ennis The Black Stamp Jeremy Ennis Vader Stamp


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