Millennium Falcon Artwork by Ulises Farinas

I think that this piece of art by Ulises Farinas is for the “Where’s The Wookie” book. I’m not 100% sure though as there are other genre characters in it.

Ulises Farinas

There are other works from this book on his website including the Ewoks and Jawas.

Ulises Farinas Jawas

Ulises Farinas Ewoks

Good fun in my opinion, but it needs Jabbas Palace. I must pick up the book.

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Bespin Rescue by Mark Englert

I’ve been a fan of Mark’s awesome panoramic art since i saw his “Fault in the AE35 Unit” art, but i’ve not seen him do anything relating to the Millennium Falcon.

This piece is untitled , but it was part of the recent Gallery 1988 “Art Awakens” exhibition that was held last week.

imageUnfortunately, i cant find any information on whether it was an original or a print, it’s size or price.

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Supernova Schematic print by Anthony Petrie.

This wonderful foil print by Anthony Petrie was displayed at the Gallery 1988 “Art Awakens” exhibition from the 14th of November 2015 and is part of the Force for Change charity benifiting UNICEF. It’s called Supernova Schematic and it details the Battle of Yavin from Star Wars; A New Hope. Quite clever, actually.


It’s 36″ by 24″ and metallic ink on black foil. I hint it looks rather stunning, don’t you? Unfortunately it has sold out. You can get them on EBay, but prices are between $150 and $250. Too rich for me. :(

This is a pretty unique work, in my opinion. I hope he continues as the Battle of Hoth, the Asteroid Field chase and The Battle Of Endor would be pretty awesome.

Check out Anthony’s other work. TumblrWebsite, Behance and Facebook.

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“Nerds Eye View” prints by Andy Fairhurst

I’ve been a fan of Andy Fairhurst since i saw his wonderful Star Wars prints earlier this year. As is the way of things, i missed out on getting a set. Hopefully, that won’t be the same this time around. These Star Wars prints will be available in early December through the Poster Posse.


I really need to get one of those Falcon ones.

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Aluminium Millennium Falcon from Japan

TakaraTomy in collaboration with Iriso Seimitsu, (a specialist in precision metal machining), is going to release a very limited edition of an ultra-detailed aluminium Millenium Falcon Tomica. At only 76mm long, 56mm wide and height of 15mm, this tiny reproduction is very accurate.tomalu-fm01The new sensor dish that appears in The Force Awakens movie is faithfully reproduced, as well as the gun turret.

tomalu-fm02tomalu-fm03A nice storage box and an aluminium base will be included.

This Alumi kezuri dashi Tomica will be made to order only. Preorders will close on 22/12/15 and delivery is expected in April 2016. It looks nice, but with a retail price  set at 216 000 JPY (around $1,800), i can’t see this item catching on.

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Football Jerseys by Enfios

I’m not a fan of Football at all, but i thought that this was an interesting license. A company called Enfios have a nice line in Star Wars football jerseys. Their Chewbacca jersey (Called “Grrrwaaaaaarggggh“) has a stylised Millennium Falcon patch on the left breast.

grrrwaaaaaarggggh_1 grrrwaaaaaarggggh_3I particularly like the way that they have designed Chewies Bowcaster into the Falcon. Quite a nice touch in my opinion.

Also included in the set is Millennium Pilot;

mileniumpilot_1_2Space Bounty Hunter;

spacebountyhunter_1_2Light Master;

lightmaster_1_2Dark Lord;

darklord_1_2Golden Droid;

goldendroid_1_2Astro Droid;

astrodroid_1_2White Soldier;

whitesoldier_1They’re 40 Euros each for a plain jersey or 45 Euros for a numbered one.

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“Steal Your Face” Millennium Falcon badges

This pin Steal your face pin based on the Grateful Dead album cover was recently up on etsy for about $50. Although this seems to be the going rate, It was a little too much for me, so i passed. It sold shortly after then.

Steal Your Face Hat PinA little searching on the internet also produced this plain variant.

Steal Your Face Pewter Hat PinGreat, so now i need to look for two of these. :)

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