Millennium Falcon Crocs

Like most of you, I’ve always considered Crocs to be a crime against fashion. That said, I’m going to have to get a pair of these Millennium Falcon Crocs to add to my collection.


I rather like the Millennium Falcon detailing along the sole.



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UGG Millennium Falcon Slippers

Searching for new Millennium Falcon collectables to blog about, i came across these Millennium Falcon inspired slippers by UGG. Okay, so these are kinda weird, but i quite like them. I bet they’re very comfortable.


The leather upper has stitching to resemble the saucer section of our favourite iconic spaceship. There’s also a nice rebel insignia rivet, which is a nice touch.

At £55.98 they’re not cheap, but i’d bet they’re worth it. I’ll probably order a pair on payday.

I’ve just seen that you can also get the UGG boots which appears to have stitching based on the Cockpit corridor.

DO NOT USE THE LINK I POSTED. I ordered these last week and was disappointed to receive a pair of black Nike trainers in the post.


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Star Wars Ships Coin from the NZ Mint

The New Zealand Mint have release several Star Wars coins over the last few years and have now added Star Wars ships to their catalogue. The first coin in this new collection is naturally the Millennium Falcon.

The coin features a partial blueprint of the Millennium Falcon on the front and a portrait of the Queen on the back. It’s Troy 1oz silver, 40mm in diameter, priced at $80 and limited to an edition size of 10, 000 pieces.


I will definitely pick one up for my collection, but with an edition size of 10, 000 i’ll have plenty of time to do so.


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Millennium Falcon backlit drawing board

I saw this Millennium Falcon Drawing Board on Amazon and thought it was interesting.


It’s by a company called Clementoni and it looks like they specialise in jigsaw puzzles and educational toys.


The board is backlit and takes four AA batteries. Hopefully the shop i bought  this from has it in hand, as it has been removed from the the Clementoni website so it may not be readily available.

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Bandai Millennium Falcon model 006

I bought this little Bandai Millennium Falcon kit the other day from Ebay and i have to say that it’s pretty impressive. The box is about 8″ by 5″ by 1″.


The kit itself is not much larger than the Titanium Millennium Falcon toy from Hasbro. For its size, i was pretty impressed by the level of detail and it comes with a nice display stand.

The stickerslook insane and are pretty intimidating to a novice modeller such as myself.

You can pick these up from eaby, often with free shipping or you can go to Hobbylink Japan.

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Star Wars String Lights

One of the guys in work bought me this set of Star Wars string lights which feature the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing and Tie Fighter. I think they’re pretty cool.


There are 15 white lights on a 2.8 metre cable and they cost about £6.


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Millennium Falcon Feve

Every now and then i will do a quick search on foreign Ebay sites, just to see if i can come across anything new. Some time ago i bought a Star Wars “Feve” from the French Ebay site. Made from porcelain, It was a surprisingly good quality item item and i liked the idea behind it. There is another version that i’m trying to track down, but this is proving to be a little difficult. However, i did comes across a new feve for a reasonable 2.50 Euros.


At about 1″ square, they are small but i do like them. I may go back and buy the set later in the year.

“Feves (French for “bean”) are tiny figurines that are made to be put inside a “King’s Cake” for the “Epiphany” Holiday, which is celebrated every year on January 6th, the 12th day of Christmas. Tradition states that this is the day that the three wise men or “Three Kings” came to Bethlehem, to honor the birth of Christ. Traditionally it was a fava bean that was placed inside the cake. Whoever finds the feve in his or her slice of cake, is king for the day. SInce it was good luck to get the feve in your cake – these little items were saved and treasured.”

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