Star Wars marble furniture by Nathan Yong

Not for my budget, but I thought that these pieces of functional art by Singapore artist Nathan Yong were well worth posting here, as one of them is the Millennium Falcon. Not only designed to be pieces of art, these sculptures are also designed to be used for seating, or as a side table.


Interesting, isn’t it?

Limited to an edition size of only 3 pieces, they’re $6, 195 each.

The size of the Falcon is 40 cm by 40 cm by 20 cm. (15.7” by 15.7” by 7.9”)

There are four differential sculptures, the Millennium Falcon, a  Tie Fighter in Black Stone, an AT-AT in grey and a Sandcrawler in a beautiful red stone. (I have to say that this one is my favourite.)

The artist has this to say about his work.

Announcing an exclusive collaboration between Disney and Grafunkt to commemorate the much anticipated film release of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” this December, Nathan Yong — Co-Founder of Grafunkt has come up with a series of 4 stool / side table designs available in limited runs as a Star Wars collectible edition.

The Millennium Falcon and TIE-Fighter were chosen to represent the duality of the Light and Dark side, whilst the AT-AT and Sandcrawler were chosen for their strong visual and architectural aspects respectively.

“I am stoked to have the opportunity to collaborate with Disney on this collection as Star Wars is very much a part of me and my generation’s life with its imperative pop culture impact and influence. Being a classic film while its contemporaries fade into obscurity, Star Wars remains timeless, accompanying us from boyhood through adulthood,” says Nathan.

“I hope to immortalise this journey of our evolving aesthetic sense as well, with this art and design-centric collection being a reflection of our current pop culture — one that challenges people’s mindset and perception of what film merchandising can be.”


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Reading Light from Think Geek

I’m a big fan of Think Geek. Their stuff is alway a little weird but always a little cool and very geeky. Their latest offering for fans of the Millennium Falcon is this rather cool (and useful) reading light.



Features include;


  • Adjustable clip-on LED book light featuring the Millennium Falcon (post Battle of Endor)
  • 3 white LEDs where the C-Beam Lamps are and on the front of the cockpit
  • Has a little pad on one side of the clamp to avoid marring your book
  • Capacity: Easily clips to stack of pages 3/4″ thick or smaller
  • Could probably hold up to 1 1/2″ thick, but we’re not going to guarantee that
  • If you’re reading something large, just clip it to the cover
  • Batteries: 2 CR2025 button cells (included)
  • Automatic timer shuts off after 30 minutes to preserve battery (but will flash to warn you so you won’t get left in the dark)
  • Dimensions: 11″ long flexible neck + 3 1/4″ wide x 4 1/4″ long Falcon
  • Weight: 2 oz.
  • Price is $14.99

I hope that a OT version is released as well. I know i’m not really collecting sequel trilogy versions of the Falcon but i think that this is unique enough to warrent getting one.

The clip is a nice touch.


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Petco Dog Pull toys

The last of the Millennium Falcon toys from the Petco Star Wars Range are these two dog pull toys.

The first one is a single rope toy which is priced up at $12.99.

Petco Rope toy

This looks like it could be fun for both dogs and Wookies. 🙂

The second toy is a variation on this, but is a double rope toy. This one has the legend “Fly Casual” on the back.



It’s on the Petco website for $12.99


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Millennium Falcon Foraging toy

My favourite item from Petco‘s Star was line is this foraging toy that also has cute Han and Chewie figurines that you can stuff into your toy.

I have posted about a similar toy that was released by Petco several years ago, but this one is of much better quality.




I don’t have a dog, but i really want one of these. 🙂 It’s priced at $14.99. Check out the other pet toys in their Star Wars Range.

On a personal note, I am really pleased that these toys are all from the Original trilogy.

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Millennium Falcon disc toys from Petco

My friend, mightyjabba has posted about these wonderful Star Wars toys from Petco that he has bought for his Jabba The Hutt collection. They are pretty awesome and I thought I’d take a look and was delighted to see they had several Millennium Falcon related dog toys.

The first one is this disc toy for small dogs to play fetch. It’s only $7.99. It’s got a squeaker in it.


The rear has “She’s The Fastest Hunk Of Junk In The Galaxy”.

A40E522E-766C-4108-A077-E095F3ABF4B0I think that they’re pretty damn awesome and i really want them in my collection.

I’ve tried to order, but they don’t ship to the UK. I may need to ask someone on Rebelscum to get these for me.

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Hallmark Decoupage Millennium Falcon

So Christmas is coming and Hallmark have released this rather nice Decoupage Millennium Falcon ornament.


I did say that I wasn’t really looking to collect Sequel trilogy stuff, but I have to confess that I really like this and will definitely be looking to get hold of one.

Size is 5” by 2 1/2” by 4” and is $7.99 from Think Geek. I’ll need to find an alternative though, as they don’t ship to the UK.

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Learning The Force by Akirant

The only offering from ACME Archives to feature the Millennium Falcon is this nice image by Akirant featuring Rey training with Luke for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Called “Learning The Force”, i’m quite curious as we can see Luke X-Wing beneath the waves here, so this is a bit of a spoiler.


I do like this painting, but the Falcon looks like it’s missing it’s Starboard landing gear and is being propped up by the ramp. I’m more of an OT Falcon collector, so i doubt if i will be adding this print to my collection any time soon.


I’m wondering if the reboot of the Original trilogy will continue? Comparison’s to The Empire Stikes Back can already be made with Rey’s training. Will Luke be using the force to lift the fighter out of it’s watery resting place?

The print is available in both Canvas and Paper editions.

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