Millennium Falcon art kit by Crayola

This Crayola Millennium Falcon art kit looks like it could keep a child amused for a journey of 12 parsecs.Crayola Millennium Falcon Art Kit

Crayola Millennium Falcon Art Kit 2The rather cool Millennium Falcon case contains 75 colouring pens and drawings.

Crayola Millennium Falcon Art Kit 1The list price is $29.99, but unfortunately, the Crayola web page doesn’t show it as available. I hope that changes soon.

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Millennium Falcon – Pirate Ship by David Kennedy

Millennium Falcon – Pirate Ship by David Kennedy is beautiful. According to David’s blog, he researched several modelling forums and decided that he wanted to make this as detailed as he could in order to honour their hobby. I have to say that it is VERY detailed and must have taken ages from start to finish.


Click on the image for a full size. The image itself is hand drawn on a computer and to make each print a little special the artist highlights areas on the print in metallic ink by hand. Each print has a different area done and is unique to that person.








The prints themselves are 70 cms by 100 cms and printed on poster quality 200 gsm silk paper. They’re £175 each plus shipping and limited to an edition size of 100. Each one is hand signed and comes with a Certificate of authenticity. A nice touch, IMO.


What do you think David should do next? Slave 1’s the easy choice, but the colouring would be awesome. perhaps a limited run of Episode VII Falcons?

29/09/15: well, number 12 of 100 arrived today and it is stunning. Anyone sitting on the fence about this print needs to get one, now. The amount of metallic highlighting on mine was very impressive. It also included a little note and David had drawn a tiny Millennium Falcon on the postage tube label. A nice touch in my opinion.


That’s about 3 millimetres. :)

Most of the hard work has been done with regard to the detailing. A tryptich representing the Falcon from each of the trilogy would be pretty cool. The Stellar Envoy would represent the PT and it would look awesome with the colouring. The new paint job and rectangular dish on the The Force Awakens one would represent this new trilogy.

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Millennium Falcon by David Hardy

Check out this beautiful Oil on Canvas painting by David Hardy.

Its for sale at £1,000 but at 4ft by 3 ft its a fair size. I love it and i’ve made some enquiries to see if he’ll let me purchase it over a period of a few months. I’m hopeful, but not optimistic. :)

He’s painted a few other Star Wars characters, including Boba Fett;

David Hardy Boba FettDarth Vader;

David Hardy Darth VaderYoda;

David Hardy YodaStormtrooper;

David Hardy StormtrooperWell known for his large, close up portraiture, David’s work can be seen at the Artful Pelican gallary in London. Check out his website.

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RC Ground Millennium Falcon by Thinkway Toys

Thinkway Toys are also releasing this ground based Millennium Falcon which boasts lights on the mandibles, cockpit and engines.

RC Millennium Falcon Thinkways toys 2I think that the modelling of the remote control handsets on these is a nice touch. I’m also please to see that this version has the round dish from the original trilogy (although it has been referred to as “classic edition styling”. I quite like that. :)

It’s 28 cms long and has a respectible range for 30 meters. The retail price for this one is £49.99 and it’s expected to ship at the beginning of October.

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RC Millennium Falcon from Thinkway Toys

So, it would appear that remote control Millennium Falcon toys are the way to go. As well as the awsome airhogs quad copter and gyro copter models, thinkway toys are releasing their own quad Millennium Falcon and a ground remote control model too. RC Millennium Falcon Thinkways toysI must confess that the quad copter doesn’t look as good or as sturdy as the air hogs version. This version does boast a “flip” ability.

This has a range of 15 meters and takes 70 to 100 minutes to fully charge for a 5 minute flight time. Retail for this is £99.99 and is due to ship mid October.

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Sandwich Shaper from Kotobukiya

Forbidden Planet are taking preorders for this Millennium Falcon sandwich shaper.

Kotobukiya-Sandwich-Shaper-Millennium-FalconI thinks it’s pretty cool.

They’re £17.99 and are expected to ship by 30th December 2015

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Royal Mail Star Wars 2015 stamp collection

The Royal Mail are releasing several sets of Star Wars stamps to celebrate the release of The Force Awakens. As a focus collector i’m not intested in the sets, however, there are one or two that i’d quite like to get.

The first set is based on characters from the Original Trilogy as well as a few from TFA. Nothing from the Prequel Trilogy i notice. The Han Solo is worth getting in my opinion.

Star Wars Stamp Han SoloYou can buy these as a sheet for £7.75,  a souvenir set for £9.95 or a framed set for £55.

There’s also a nice set featuring the Millennium Falcon in the Death Star Battle. StarWars_Framed StampSheet_Large Filler_card_FinalAW_22.07.15.inddThis is a nice set and i’ve preordered the framed version on this one but there’s also a souviner set. I also ordered a set of the postcards too.

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