Picnic Rug from The Monster Factory

This picnic rug from the Monster Factory looks very nice. Picnic Rug 5

Picnic Rug 1

Picnic Rug

At 200cms in length, by 175cms width, it’s huge and even comes with a nice little bag. It’s very reasonably priced at £50, but it appears to be unavailable.

Picnic rug 4


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Millennium Falcon USB Flash Drive

I also bought this USB flash drive, too. (Not to be confused with Royal Selangor Flash drive that was release a couple of years ago.)



The site says it’s an 8GB drive. I haven’t opened it yet, but the Falcon looks okay. Its maybe two inches long by an inch and a half wide. I don’t think it’s official as i can’t see any branding.

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Millennium Falcon Wallets

I’ve picked up a couple of nice items from Ebay recently. The first two  of which are these bifold wallets with the Millennium Falcon in leather or aluminium.

Bi Fold Wallet (Leather)Bi Fold Waller (metal)The wallets themselves are ordinary.

Each one cost me less than £10, so worth getting IMO.

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Tomy Takara Millennium Falcon Transformer

I stumbled across some photos of a Tomy Takara Transformers Toy that has been showcased at Tokyo Comic-con last month.

I am very pleased to see that it is the OT version of the Falcon.


You can see that it is still at the grey prototype stage and there is no information as to what it transforms in to. Apart from the oversize canon, it looks like it’s far more detailed than the Hasbro Transformers toy from a few years ago.

Takara Tomy Millennium Falcon 004

Takara Tomy Millennium Falcon 003

Takara Tomy Millennium Falcon 002

No information on it’s release date, but it is encouraging that there is a 2018 on the information card. Looking forward to seeing the a painted version.

There’s also a photo of a Darth Vader/Tie X1 transformer too.


Thanks to Snakas and TFW2005 for the heads up.

Here are some photos of the painted model.

At the moment, this is estimated to ship in June 2018 and has a price tag of USD$135. You can preorder here. As it stands, this is export only and i have no idea if it’ll be released globally.

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75193; Episode VIII Microfighter by Lego

Back in 2014 Lego released a series of ships called “Microfighters”. The Millennium Falcon with Han Solo was among the first to be released. They’re not large sets and only take about half an hour to complete, but I must confess that I had great fun putting it together.

This year, Lego are releasing another version, this one for the Sequel Trilogy which features new rectangular dish and a Chewbacca figurine.



It looks like Lego have made a few changes outside of the dish. Due for release on 15th January, it retails for £8.95. I’m going to get two and I can’t wait to build it.

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EA35; Egg Attack Episode VIII Millennium Falcon

Some time ago Beast Kingdom released their Egg Attack floating Millennium Falcon. It’s a nice little thing, if a little expensive, but the floating feature makes a nice talking point for anyone that hasn’t seem it before. They are now releasing a version for Episode VIII; The Last Jedi with an Ahch-To base to float on.

Egg Attack Millennium Falcon ST 01

Due for release in July 2018, it retails for about £250.

Egg Attack Millennium Falcon ST 00

I have both the regular and the chrome versions of the Original Trilogy Falcon, so I might just get this version as well. The inclusion of landing gear is a really nice touch IMO.


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Dejarik Figures from X-Plus

Japanese collectibles company X-Plus have announced a release of eight Dejarik figures based on the recreation of the original figures for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


No information on size or price, but they’re expected to start shipping at the rate of two per month between April and July.

The original rubber puppets used for Star Wars: A New Hope had degraded over the past 40 years. But Phil and his team were able to scan them using a process called photogrammetry to create accurate new 3D models which were then 3D printed, cast, and molded in silicone to be animated, again by hand, for the new trilogy. An original armature used for “Mr. Big” (that guy in the lower right of the photo) was used to scale the new puppets to the same size as those made in the 70’s.”

I’m seriously considering getting these as the link to the Falcon is too strong. However, I would like a scaled Dejarik table to display them on. Maybe even a set of rules.


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