Star Wars 1978 Millennium Falcon by TheRetroDraughtsman

Now this Is nostalgia to the nth degree. I absolutely adore this print of Palitoy’s (Kenner to our friends in the United States), Millennium Falcon toy from 1978. I ordered immediately and look forward to framing it to display with my own Palitoy toys.


Some detail photos.



By TheRetroDraughtsman and you can buy them at his Etsy site for £40 plus postage. There are a few other Star Wars prints there too, including a Speeder Bike, Slave One and several others in this style as well as several blueprint images of toys including the Millennium Falcon, which I will get later.



Printed to 914mm by 610 mm, it’huge and is a must for any Star Wars collector in my opinion.

Check out his website and Facebnook page for more of his wonderful art.

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Star Wars Builds: Millennium Falcon by Benjamin Harper

Benjamin Harper has created “Star Wars Builders”, a series of books with foam cutout pieces that make up a models from The Force Awakens. So Far in the series, there is the X-Wing, New Order Tie Fighter, Threepio and Artoo and, of course, the Millennium Falcon.

star-wars-builders-millennium-falconThere have been a few of these sorts of models, each one slightly different from the other. I totally recommend them as they’re good fun to put together.

©Paul Andrews PhotographyI ordered mine from some time ago and it should be arriving in a day or two.


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“Jump Into Hyperspace”by Matt Taylor

The Bottleneck Gallary have this screen print by Matt Taylor in their shop for $50 plus shipping.


Called Jump Into Hyperspace, it’s limited to an edition size of 225 and is 24″ by 36″. There’s also a variant that’s limited to 50 pieces.


I wasn’t able to get this version.

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“We’re Going In” by Joel Payne

We’re Going In” by Joel Payne is available on the ACME Archives Direct website. It’s very reminsisent of Stephan Martiniere’s “Through The Wreckage” which was released last year.


It’s a nice piece, but i wish that they’d gone with another scent.

Limited to an edition size of 95, each one is hand signed by the artist. It’s priced at $350. The print is 14″ by 21″ in size.

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Star Wars Hot Wheels

I’ve been waiting for Mattel to release a Millennium Falcon “Car Ship” for their Hot Wheels line and i think that it’s pretty cool.

There’s also a battle damaged version that comes with the Death Star battle set.

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Millennium Falcon car door lights

I thought that this pair of car door lights were an interesting, if a little odd, purchase for me. They project an image of the Millennium Falcon to the floor whenm the car doors are opened.


It cost me £11:59 for the pair but i won’t be installing it, this is purely a fun addition to the collection.

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Star Wars Blank House Keys

I was out shopping with a friend and randomly came across this Millennium Falcon blank house key by Davenport Burgess. It’s quite nice and weighty, but i thought it was a little expensive at £6.99 and if i wanted to get the key cut it could work out to be pretty expensive.

mf-key-blanksAs a collectible, i’m glad i bought it but i will think twice about cutting it.

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