Star Wars Hot Wheels

I’ve been waiting for Mattel to release a Millennium Falcon “Car Ship” for their Hot Wheels line and i think that it’s pretty cool.

There’s also a battle damaged version that comes with the Death Star battle set.

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Millennium Falcon car door lights

I thought that this pair of car door lights were an interesting, if a little odd, purchase for me. They project an image of the Millennium Falcon to the floor whenm the car doors are opened.


It cost me £11:59 for the pair but i won’t be installing it, this is purely a fun addition to the collection.

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Star Wars Blank House Keys

I was out shopping with a friend and randomly came across this Millennium Falcon blank house key by Davenport Burgess. It’s quite nice and weighty, but i thought it was a little expensive at £6.99 and if i wanted to get the key cut it could work out to be pretty expensive.

mf-key-blanksAs a collectible, i’m glad i bought it but i will think twice about cutting it.

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“She’s Still Got It” by Jerry Vanderstelt.

ACME Archives have released some more Star Wars prints, including “She’s Still Got It” by Jerry Vanderstelt. It shows the scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens where the Falcon bursts from the forest of the Empire’s Superweapon. Obviously, I think it is gorgeous and a nice nod to Jerry’s “She’s Got It Where It Count’s, Kid”.


21″ by 36″, it’s available as both a canvas and a paper print.

I’ve been a little behind on the ACME Falcon works, but this is a must buy.

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Advanced Tech Plate by Titan Technology LLC

One of the guys on the Rebelscum boards posted this “Advanced Millennium Falcon Tech Plate” that’s on Ebay at the moment. This one is number 1 of an edition size of 100.

tech-plate-5The piece is 24″ by 48″ and i have no idea on what the RRP is.

tech-plate-1Most of the images appear to be from the Millennium Falcon owners Guide by Ryder Windam, Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff, and they are credited on the plate.

tech-plate-2tech-plate-4 tech-plate-6 tech-plate-7 tech-plate-3Although we’ve seen these images before, i really think that this is a piece worth getting and it’s certainly something that I want in my collection.  I like the heavy use of Aurabesh throughout  and it’s crammed full of detail, even down to the quotations running around the border line.

tech-plate-4The seller won’t ship to the UK, so i can’t bid. I can’t contact him to ask him to reconsider, either. I shall wait and see if i can grab one of the 99 remaining examples.

tech-plate-8I have done a few searches on the internet, but can’t find anything outside of the Tech Plate released by ACME Archives in 2010. The COA says that the company producing this is Titan Technology LLC. Again, an internet search was not conclusive.

It’s not framed like the ACME plate, but it does come with everything you need to secure it to the wall.



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Millennium Falcon by Vincenzo Giordano

This fabulous digital image of the Millennium Falcon in profile is by Vincenzo Giordano from his Behance page. This one is from Episode IV.

Millennium Falcon Vincenzo Giordano They are available as a print if you contact Vincenzo. I really like this image and i thought that it’d be a wonderful companion to my David Kennedy “Pirate Ship“. I’ve asked for a print of similar dimensions, (100 cms by 80 cms) and i’m just waiting on a price.

This profile is the opposite side to the Falcon that we see on his Smugglers illustration. I wonder if we’ll see this side as well.

Smugglers Vincenzo Giordano

There’s also a similarly stunning Slave 1 piece.

Slave 1 Vincenzo Giordano

Check out his Behance page for more examples of his work.

So just a quick update. I emailed Vincenzo to see if he could do me a 100cm print of both sides. This is the result. 100 Euros plus shipping. Well worth it, in my opinion. What do you think?

unnamedFor those that want one too, feel free to email Vincenzo at



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Propel Millennium Falcon Drone

There have been a few remote controlled Millennium Falcon vehicles. Released lately, including the Air Hogs Quad drone. This drone by Propel looks like it could be more for us adults.


With speeds of up to 35 miles an hour as well as a built in laser, you can engage in dogfights with all the family. This actually looks like it could be a lot of fun. I also like that the quad rotors are slung beneath the body of the shift and not built into the actual model itself. You get to see the Falcon in all of her glory. I’ve got to say that the model itself looks like it’s been built to a very high specification.

I also love their packaging, which also allows you to display your drone very nicely.


I have no idea yet on whether I’m going to be able to get one of these in the UK let alone information on price, battery life or charge time yet but I’ll keep you posted.

There are four in the Star Wars set. The 74 Z Speeder Bike, X-Wing Fighter, Millennium Falcon and Darth Vader’s Tie Advanced X-1. You can register your interest  at their website here. Naturally, I have registered for the Falcon, but I might see if I can get a second one to use.

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