Propel Millennium Falcon Drone

There have been a few remote controlled Millennium Falcon vehicles. Released lately, including the Air Hogs Quad drone. This drone by Propel looks like it could be more for us adults.


With speeds of up to 35 miles an hour as well as a built in laser, you can engage in dogfights with all the family. This actually looks like it could be a lot of fun. I also like that the quad rotors are slung beneath the body of the shift and not built into the actual model itself. You get to see the Falcon in all of her glory. I’ve got to say that the model itself looks like it’s been built to a very high specification.

I also love their packaging, which also allows you to display your drone very nicely.


I have no idea yet on whether I’m going to be able to get one of these in the UK let alone information on price, battery life or charge time yet but I’ll keep you posted.

There are four in the Star Wars set. The 74 Z Speeder Bike, X-Wing Fighter, Millennium Falcon and Darth Vader’s Tie Advanced X-1. You can register your interest  at their website here. Naturally, I have registered for the Falcon, but I might see if I can get a second one to use.

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Beast Kingdom Floating Millennium Falcon Chrome Version

I posted about the Floating Millennium Falcon model from Beast Kingdom late last year and i have one on preorder from Forbidden Planet. (In fact, it must be near it’s release date, now.) At this year’s 2016 Toy Fair, they released this exclusive Chrome version.

Egg Attack Action:EAA-004s-l1605

They’re limited to an edition size of 2, 000. I can’t imagine that all of them were snapped up so i’ll keep an eye out for it online. There’s one on ebay for $250, which isn’t a bad price at all. They posted these photos and i have to say that the packaging looks top notch.

s-l1600s-l1601 s-l1602 s-l1604I wonder if they’ll do an Episode VII version?

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Kinder Surprise Star Wars Toys

In the UK, Kinder are having boys Star Wars themed surprised in their eggs. One of the toys in their Star Wars collection is this tiny Han Solo and Millennium Falcon.

KinderThe toy itself comes in three parts and is about 1 inch in length.

It’s not too dissimilar to the McDonalds Star Wars toy released several years ago, although much, much smaller. I was able to get one, but my local shop sold all of their eggs before I was able to get one for my friend, Mike.

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Star Wars Legion Space Ship series

Disney have produced these Vinylmation Legion series of the classic Stormtrooper Helmet painted in various Space Ship colours. One of these helmets is decorated to resemble the Millennium Falcon. They’re about 2.5″ in size and are selling for £8 at the Disney Store. So not very good value for money, in my opinion. Still, i’ve got to get one.

SW Vinylmation 1 SW Vinylmation 2 SW Vinylmation 3 SW Vinylmation 4 SW Vinylmation 5Unfortunately, they are a “Blind Bag” series so you can’t guarentee which design you’ll get. I suppose Ebay will be my best bet. Still, the packaging is pretty good.

SW Vinylmation Box

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Jessica Rabbit Pin Up Pins

I bought these Jessica Rabbit Pin Up pins from Bling Pins on Etsy. They were $10 for a pin about 3cm by 5cm. The badges come in four colours; Yellow, Red, Orange and Brown.

I bought one of each

They’re very much a take of Dominic Marco’s “Corellian Pin Up Girl“, but worth getting for my badge collection.


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Childrens Watch by ZEON

I recently bought this childs watch from Forbidden Planet for £10. It’s a cheap and cheerful item, but i quite like it. The watch face has the Millennium Falcon in light and dark relief and i like the way that the strap continues with the Falcon motiff.

imageOverall, it’s a nice addition to my collection.

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Millennium Falcon by Terez Szilvia Huszar

This Millennium Falcon painting by Dubai based artist Terez Szilvia Huszar is very interesting as it’s been created using five differing size canvases. I rather like this idea, as it’d let you hang these at difference locations and let visitors piece it together themselves.

imageIt’s very detailed and i’ve said before, i like the minimalist monochrome look with only splash of engine glow as colour. The painting 110cms by 160cms and has already been sold.

Check out her website and imgrum page for more examples of her stunning work.

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