“She’s No Bucket Of Bolts” by Charity Wood

And on to the third offering to feature the Millennium Falcon from Dark ink‘s timed release is “She’s No Bucket Of Bolts” by Charity Wood. 18″ by 24″ for $40. Sweet.

imageIt has a nice, comic-y feel to it. This is number three of the selection so far that I need to get. Still, shipping will be cheaper with multiple purchases.

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“The Scoundrel” by Steve Anderson

September looks like it’s going to be an expensive month. As well as David Rabbitte’s Victory, Dark Ink are also releasing this very nice print by Steve Anderson. Called “The Scoundrel“, you can see a large part of the Falcon behind Han. At 18″ by 24″, it’s a nice size and for only $40, a great price.


It’s being release by Dark Ink as part of their timed release of Star Wars Prints sometime between the 5th and the 15th of September.

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Return of the Jedi print by Headfuzzbygrimboid

I saw this Star Wars print by headfuzzbygrimboid on Etsy last week. I was rather taken with the concept of placing a movie scene with musical notes from John Williams’ iconic Star Wars theme. In this case, he has put the Luke’s final assault on the Death Star. Nice and unusual.

Star Wars A New HopeI contacted him to see if he’d do something similar but with a Millennium Falcon theme and he’s come up with a similar concept of the Millennium Falcon as she flees the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi.

il_570xN.647710544_fu8uI love the fact that he has taken the time to put the ships in scale with each other. I felt so pedantic, but I have asked if he can amend Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter to a normal Tie, which he did.


You can order one here for £9.26. I wonder what he has planned for The Empire Strikes Back?

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“Victory” by David Rabbitte

It’s going to be an expensive couple of months. David Rabbitte has just posted this image of a new Star Wars piece that he’s working on called “Victory” that depicts the moment that Han Solo goes to meet Luke in the Massassi temple after he destroys the Death Star.

SWAcmeColorPrint_VictoryI think it’s very nice and it’s being released as a print by Acme Archives via their Dark Ink website as part of a timed release from 05th to 15th September. The price has been set at a very reasonable $40 for a 18″ by 32″ print. Here are a couple of close up, details shots.

SWAcmeColorPrint_detail1 SWAcmeColorPrint_detail2

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Galaxy Explorers by James Hance

I have a few James Hance prints and i love his style and humour. Galaxy Explorers is his latest piece featuring characters from Up as Han and Leia in the Millennium Falcon cockpit.

James HancePrints will be available tomorrow from his store.

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Shoulder Bag by SD Toys

Whilst looking through the Toy-Palace Website, i also came across this shoulder bag by SD Toys. I haven’t seen this before.

star-wars---umhaengetasche-millenium-falcon-27-x-35-cm_SDTSDT89357_2The bags is 27 cms by 35 cms and was 34.90 Euros.

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New Zealand coin set

Some time ago i posted about the silver coin set and Millennium Falcon case from the New Zealand mint. It was quite nice, but very pricey. I noticed last week in Toy-Palace.com that they had a different, cheaper set that also came with the Millennium Falcon display case. I must confess that the site was in German and i couldn’t make out exactly what i was buying, but i figured it was worth a shot so i bought one. star-wars-4er-edel-goldmuenzenset-in-millennium-falcon-box_SWCS2_5At 49.90 Euros, it was a heck of a lot cheaper than the silver set and well worth getting.

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