Star Wars Heroes Chocolate Mold from Lakeland

The last item from Lakeland to feature the Millennium Falcon is this “Star Wars Heroes Chocolate Mold” for £6.99. Chocolate Mold from LakelandAgain, i would’ve preferred it if the Falcon where the only shape in the mold, but it’s still a cool and unusual addition to my collection.

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Star Wars Ice Cube Tray from Lakeland

Another item from Lakeland that featured the Millennium Falcon was this “Star Wars Ice Cube Tray“. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t come as just the Falcon but as a single tray featuring the Death Star, AT-AT and Star Destroyer. Ice Cube tray LakelandStill, at £6.99 it’s an easy purchase. As with the cookie cutters, it doesn’t look like a rehash of Kotobukiya’s Millennium Falcon ice trays that were released a while ago.

Kotobukiya Ice Tray

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Star Wars Cookie Cutters by Lakeland

Well, Star Wars kitchenware certainly seems to be the thing for me this month.

I recently bought a Millennium Falcon cake pan from Lakeland and it’s pretty cool. Certainly one of the odder items in my collection. Looking through their website i saw that they also did some “Star Wars Spaceship” cookie cutters for £9.99.

Cookie Cutters LakelandI have the Williams Sonoma cookie cutters in my collection and i am pleased to note that they are different from each other.

Cookie Cutters Williams Sonoma

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“This Could Be It, Sweetheart” by Nicolas Bannister

This lovely print of the Millennium Falcon in the Asteroid field is by French comic book artist Nicolas Bannister and it will soon be available at SDCC at the Acme Archives stand. This is limited to an edition size of 395 and is available for $40 plus postage here.

BannisterNicolas released a very nice series of prints featuring various cult vehicles from the rear left quarter, so I’m really pleased that he’s finally gotten around to the Falcon.

I don’t know about you, but that monochromatic look really suits the Falcon and makes the engines just pop out of the image.

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“Here Goes Nothing” by Chris Thornley (aka raid71)

This stunning work by Chris Thornley (aka raid71) is called “Here Goes Nothing” and shows the Millennium Falcon as she flees the inside of the Death Star after destroying it’s reactor core. I love the use of colour on this print.


It will be released this Friday (18th July) and is a cool 18″ by 36″. The print will also be in 5 colours. Limited to an edition size of 100′ they’re available now for $40 at the raid71 store.

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Millennium Falcon chopping board by Underground Toys

I have seen these chopping boards a lot recently i didn’t really take much notice as i didn’t think it was official merchandise. This one cost me just over £16 on Board 3

Chopping Board 2

The manufacturer is Underground toys and I think that it’s a pretty fun item.

Chopping Board

There’s a Death Star one, too.

Death Star Chopping board

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QMx 2014 SDCC Exclusive Millennium Falcon keyring

Rebelscum just posted that QMx are selling exclusive gold plated key rings at their SDCC stand for $14.95. I really want one.

QMX ExclusiveHere’s the Rebelscum post;

“San Diego Comic-Con is just a couple of weeks away, and the latest Star Wars licensee to reveal their exclusive for the show is Quantum Mechanix (QMx), who have announced that they will be selling a limited edition gold Millennium Falcon metal replica key chain at their booth #3249.

Priced at $14.95, the gold-plated, steel-alloy key chain was created using the official digital files from the Lucasfilm archives. This highly-detailed, 1:700 scale replica of the infamous Corellian freighter is being offered in a limited edition. The Falcon is just 2 inches long and comes equipped with a key ring, ready to accompany you on your adventures throughout the galaxy.”

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