Star Wars Print by Paper and Poesy

This Star Wars Print by Paper and Poesy is based on a vintage Wizard of Oz Poster and is available on Etsy for a very reasonable $15.

Paper and Poesy printIt’s always nice to see the Millennium Falcon as the subject. This is quite nice, IMO.

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1980 Something Falcon by Samurai Ferret

This tee shirt from Samuraiferret is on RedBubble and reminds me of the old Lego Space icon, but with a Star Wars twist.

Samurai FerretIt’s quite nice, but i think it’ll be a while before i pick on up. There’s also an X-Wing one too.

Samurai Ferret X Wing

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Freedom by Russell Walks

Russell Walks has just posted this rather nice image on his blog. Freedom is a new image that he has created for the Topps upcoming “Perspectives” trading card series.

Freedom by Russell Walks

Victory is the Imperial card from the same series.

Victory by Russell Walks

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Corellia Speed Shop velcro patch

I though I’d look on ebay to see if I could get any the Celebration VI patches that made up the Millennium Falcon a little cheaper now that a bit of time has passed. I was unsuccessful, but I did come across this “Corellia Speed Shop” patch.


$6.95 for a patch 1.5″ by 3″ it’s not what you would consider cheap. Still…

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Han Solo table for Zen Studios Star Wars Pinball

I have the Star Wars Pinball app on my iPAD and it’s a pretty cool game. Zen Studios are planning on releasing four more “Heroes” tables. The Han Solo one has quite a few Millennium Falcon references.





These new tables will be available for download later on this year.

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Falcon Baseball cap from Starter Black Label

I was browsing through Jedi News this afternoon and I noticed a line of Star Wars Baseball caps by Starter Black Label. One of them is this Falcon cap.

Starter Falcon Hat 1

Starter Falcon Hat 2

Starter Falcon Hat 3

Unfortunately, the site says that they’re out of stock but as the article in Jedi News was only dated the first of March, I’m hoping that this is indeed the case and that they haven’t sold out.

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“Build the Millennium Falcon” partwork by DeAgostini.

This is quite exciting for me. DeAgostini have released a new 1oo issue Star Wars part work called “Build The Millennium Falcon“. The model itself will be 31″ long and lit. What’s exciting for me is that the model also includes interior parts such as the engines, cargo bay etc.


Once built you can display from a wall stand, which I think is pretty neat. I can’t comment on how the finished model will look, but it’ll take some doing to beat the Finemolds and Master Replica versions.


The Magazine itself promises to be Millennium Falcon centric so I’m hoping to see new artwork and Expanded Universe references. I wonder if Chris Trevas is involved with this project?


No doubt other aspects of the Star Wars will feature, but from what I see on their web sites, it’s all related to the Falcon herself.


The first part is £2.99 and each subsequent issue will be £8.99 so I’m going to have to spend an impressive £893 to finish the set. I’m not even a modeller, so i’ll have to get someone else to put it together for me. :) There is a section in each magazine that shows how to assemble the pieces.


Naturally, I have subscribed so I shall report further.

Thanks to Dunk at the Rebelscum forums for the heads up.

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