QMx 2014 SDCC Exclusive Millennium Falcon keyring

Rebelscum just posted that QMx are selling exclusive gold plated key rings at their SDCC stand for $14.95. I really want one.

QMX ExclusiveHere’s the Rebelscum post;

“San Diego Comic-Con is just a couple of weeks away, and the latest Star Wars licensee to reveal their exclusive for the show is Quantum Mechanix (QMx), who have announced that they will be selling a limited edition gold Millennium Falcon metal replica key chain at their booth #3249.

Priced at $14.95, the gold-plated, steel-alloy key chain was created using the official digital files from the Lucasfilm archives. This highly-detailed, 1:700 scale replica of the infamous Corellian freighter is being offered in a limited edition. The Falcon is just 2 inches long and comes equipped with a key ring, ready to accompany you on your adventures throughout the galaxy.”

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Millennium Falcon backpack.

My friend Mike let me know of this rather nice 3D back pack soon to be on sale at the TV and Movie Store.

Back Pack 1Pretty Cool, huh? They’re priced at $54.99 and they are official. I don’t think that they’re limited so i have a bit of time before i have to get one. (Shipping to the UK ranges from $25 to $104.)

Back Pack 4 Back Pack 3 Back Pack 2

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Hasbro’s Star Wars Command

I’ve seen this before, but Forbidden Planet had it up for pre-order for £25.99 on their website and they say that it’ll be released on September 15th.

I’m not sure how the game is supposed to be played, but I guess that’s a moot point considering I’m not going to open it. :) The box art is pretty cool and has the look and feel of Hasbro toys.


The models themselves look very well sculpted and the Millennium Falcon herself looking particularly well done.


included in the Millennium Falcon set are three AT-AT’s and Snowpeeders as well as several highly detailed figurines. The photo here doesn’t have anything but the Falcon painted, but I’m hoping that  the figures and vehicles in the release will be painted too.

The use of AT-ATs and snowspeeders clearly puts this set at Hoth. I wonder why they chose that sequence for the Millennium Falcon set?

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Hasbro’s “Hero Series” Millennium Falcon.

Rebelscum have just posted these photos of the new Millennium Falcon from Hasbro’s Hero Series.




Interesting that this is marked as Episode V and they’ve chosen Hoth on the cover art. I would’ve thought that The Empire Strikes Back would have many better scenes to showcase the Falcon.

There’s no interior to this toy, so this isn’t just a rerelease of their BMF.  Still, at two feet in length, this is going to be a serous toy. I wonder if it’ll have any electronic sounds. The toy itself looks pretty good at first glance, but I can’t see much play potential at first glance. Hopefully, this has a few surprises left in her.

image15/07/14: I’ve just seen on the Rebelscum page that this is will be released in November and will retail for $59.99. Worst news is that it will be a Walmart exclusive. I wonder if I’ll be able to get one in the UK?

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“Icons” by DKNG

Geek Art posted a series of “Icon” prints by DKNG at Gallery 1988. Each print $25 and is limited to an edition size of 100 but the Millennium Falcon print (Less than 12 Parsecs) had sold out by the time i got to it. :(

Gallery 1988 Millennium FalconIt’s a pretty cool series. Here are the rest of the Star Wars ones.


Gallery 1988 X WingDeath Star

Gallery 1988 Death StarDarth Vader’s Tie Fighter

Gallery 1988 DV Tie FighterAt-At

Gallery 1988 AT AT


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Millennium Falcon metal keychain

This keychain has recently appeared on the Toy-Palace website for a very reasonable 7 Euros plus postage. I haven’t seen this style of keychain before and it just so happens that i am in need of such a tool.

Key ring

The company is ABYstyle. I’ve not heard of them before, so perhaps this is a new license. The key chain itself is about 2″ by 1″ and is metal with a black print. It’s a nice quality item and well worth the money.

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“Millenium Falcon” by Derek Keenan

Also at the Death Star Blues exhibition at the Black Book Gallery is Derek Keenan’s Millennium Falcon. The stencil looks pretty cool, though.

Death Star Blues Millennium FalconThis piece is available for $200 and is a laser cut panel 24″ by 12″. It doesn’t say what the edition size is.

Again, i can’t afford this at the moment but i might keep an eye out in future to see if i can pick one up.

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