That’s No Moon on Shirt Punch

Today, for one day only on Shirtpunch is “That’s No Moon” for $10.

Shirt Puncj

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Cloud City Celebration by Tsuneo Sanda

ACME archives have just released this beautiful print by Tsuneo Sanda called Cloud City Celebration and it features every character and vehicle (with the exception of the Star Destroyers) from The Empire Strikes Back on landing platform 327.

Cloud City CelebrationStunning. However, i do think that this is incredibly expensive. The large print on canvas is limited to 25 pieces and is a whopping $825. This is for a 24 1/2″ by 36″ print.  The small canvas is limited to 150 pieces at $325 for a 17″ by 25″ print and the paper print is limited to 95 pieces at $165 for a 17″ by 22″ print.

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News: Star Wars Hotwheels from Mattel

Mattel announced recently that they have a license to produce Star Wars toys based on their popular Hot wheels brand.

mattel-hotwheelsshipsI am pleased to see that they also have a Millennium Falcon. Not sure what the “Flight Navigator” action feature is. Nice to see that they’ve also included a stand for displaying.

HotwheelsNo idea yet on price or release date.

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News: Star Wars Tomica toy from Japan

Takara Tomy showed their Star Wars Tomica toys at the recent Tokyo Toy fair and the Millennium Falcon in one of them.

Takara TomyCute. No information as to a release date or price point yet. The other Star Wars Tomicas include a Star Destroyer, X-Wing and Tie Fighter.

Takara Tomy Star Destroyer Takara Tomy Tie Fighter Takara Tomy X-Wing

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News: eFX Precision Cast Millennium Falcon at SDCC

Back in the 2009 SDCC, eFX announced that they were releasing a new line of Star Wars  spaceships called the “Precision Cast”. Each model was made from mixed media and the price point would be around $300. They debuted with an unpainted, but nicely detailed model of the Millennium Falcon. The line was put on hold as eFX didn’t think that they’d be able to hold that price for the quality of the model that they wanted to release. At this years SDCC, eFX displayed a nicely painted model that looked as though it is almost ready for the shelves.

EFX Falcon 1EFX Falcon 2EFX Falcon 9EFX Falcon 8EFX Falcon 3It’s a great model and I’ll be hoping to add one of these to my collection soon. I do think that the lighting needs looking at as there’s quite a lot of bleed. I’ll be interested to hear what they’re hoping to retail this for, but i wouldn’t expect too much change from $500. Thanks to Rebelscum for these awesome photos.

EFX Falcon 17EFX Falcon 15It looks like the rear wall of the cockpit still needs some detail work and you can really see the light bleaching everything else.

EFX Falcon 13EFX Falcon 4I hope that they try to disguise the support strut. Perhaps a simple coat of black paint would do the trick nicely, but that wire on view is ugly.

EFX Falcon 10The asteroid base is a nice touch.

EFX Falcon 11Check out their “In Development” photos of the Millennium Falcon here.

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“Hope” by Greater Geek

Also on Etsy is this set of minimalist prints by Greater Geek for the Star Wars series featuring a ship prominent in that particular movie and a single word. Hope features the silhouette of the Millennium Falcon framing the twin suns of Tatooine.

Greater Geek HopeEmpire

Greater Geek EmpireJedi

Greater Geek JediMenace

Greater Geek MenaceClones

Greater Geek ClonesSith

Greater Geek Sith

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Mini Ships by Jake Russell Thompson

New on Etsy is this minimalist print of the Millennium Falcon by Jake Russell Thompson. It’s one of a series of prints all showing various Science Fiction space ships in profile. It’s quite a nice set IMO, although i am only interested in the Falcon.

Mini Ships Millennium Falcon

You don’t often see the Millennium Falcon in profile like this so it’s a pretty refreshing print

The print can be ordered in several sizes, but I’m going with 11″ by 14″ as that is quite a common size.

Slave 1 and the X-Wing are also available as well as several other well loved ships from other SF franchises including Star Trek, Aliens, Battlestar Galactica and Serenity.

Mini Ships Slave 1Mini Ships X WingMini Ships USS EnterpriseMini Ships GalacticaMini Ships Serenity

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