Millennium Falcon printed rug from Thinkgeek

Check out this printed Millennium Falcon rug by Thinkgeek.

Rug 1 Pretty cool, huh? How can i not have this in my collection?

Rug 2

They’re $99.99 each, which is a really good price. Even shipping to the UK is very reasonable at less than $50.

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More Under The Hood by Calvin Ma

I have seen Calvin Ma‘s work around the internet for a while and i like his style. “More Under The Hood” is his latest work and it’s centred around the Falcon. The sculpture itself is ceramic and 9″ by 5″ by 8″. Unfortunately, it’s $2, 200 price tag puts it well out of my price range.

More Under The Hood 1More Under The Hood 2 More Under The Hood 3 More Under The Hood 4There’s also a nice Landspeeder (New Journey) and X-Wing (Dog Fight) sculpture, but these have been sold.

Dog FightNew JourneyI have wondered about it’s unusual style and this statement from Calvin makes a lot of senses and if anything, makes these sculptures even more desirable.


  • Homebodies: Recollective: “My work draws inspiration from the toys and action figures I had growing up. As an introverted and socially awkward kid, the plastic heroes, villains and their vehicles helped me cope with my inability to socialize. They served as an escape for me and soon became a passion. Now, as an introverted and socially awkward adult, I create artwork that reflects on the struggles I have with social anxiety. Those toys have become a visual reference in my work and in a way, still help me cope. ‘Homebodies: Recollective’ is a continuation of the series I’ve been working on, but incorporates pop culture related vehicles. Movies and cartoons were also welcome distractions growing up, so I thought it would be interesting to pair more recognizable elements with my work.” ~Calvin Ma



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Star Wars Pass Cases by Dicokick

I was looking for some information on the new Japanese Star Wars toys (Tomy and Bandai) and i came across these acrylic pass holders by a company called Dikokick. A photo i stumbled upon showed a Millennium Falcon pass holder.

MF PasscaseHmmm. I’m intrigued, but can’t find any information on them. If anyone can tell me anything about this, i would much appreciate it.

Here’s a photo of the others.


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Lando Calrissian by Bensmind

I have the Han Solo print by Bensmind and I love it. Ben has just released this Lando Calrissian print that also features the Millennium Falcon.


I must say that considering that this is predominantly a Bespin print that I would’ve thought that orange is a more suited colour. Still, it’s another great print and I will be sure to pick one up. You can order one from his ETSY shop.

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Cardboard Millennium Falcon by Thomas Richner

You may have already seen this already, but i thought i’d post it here anyway. For those that haven’t seen it, check out this 5 foot Millennium Falcon model made from cardboard by Thomas Richner. Made from some waste cardboard boxes that  he accrued over time, this project took 140 hours of work and i can see why.

Cardboard Falcon 01 Cardboard Falcon 02 Cardboard Falcon 03 Cardboard Falcon 04 Cardboard Falcon 05 Cardboard Falcon 06 Cardboard Falcon 07 Cardboard Falcon 14 Cardboard Falcon 15 Here’s the finished model.

Cardboard Falcon 16Cardboard Falcon 17Cardboard Falcon 21Cardboard Falcon 08Cardboard Falcon 12For more photos, go to Thomas’s imgur page.

What an amazing project. I wonder what he plans to do with this?

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Asteroid Base for the MR Falcon

Some time ago i posted about a Death Star surface diorama for the base of the Master Replicas Millennium Falcon model. It looked good, but at $400 i just don’t have the money. Stuart Henry just posted this incredible Asteroid base that his freind has created. This is very nice and i may just have to pick one of these up. Shipping to the UK might make this prohibitive though.

Asteroid Base 1 Asteroid Base 2 Asteroid Base 3 Asteroid Base 4 Asteroid Base 5 Asteroid Base 6 Asteroid Base 7 Asteroid Base 8 Asteroid Base 9 Asteroid Base 10

Send him an email at if you’re interested in picking one up.  I will post on price and shipping if i hear anything.

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Arcade 1979 by Christian Slade

I have seen Christian Slade’s work on the Rebelscum forums. He has taken various vehicles from the Star Wars universe and painted them as arcade rides. It’s nostalgic work as i remember this style of ride. “Arcade 1979” has the Millennium Falcon.

Arcade 1979It’s limited to an edition size of 50 pieces and is $175 for a 9″ by 11 1/2″ print.  I would like to get one, but it won’t be too high on my too buy list. The others in the set are;

Arcade 1977 which features Luke’s Landspeeder.

Arcade 1977Arcade 1978 featuring Luke’s X-Wing

Arcade 1978Arcade 1980 featuring an At-At

Arcade 1980Arcade 1981 featuring Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter

Arcade 1981Arcade 1982 which has some of the animals seen in the Star Wars Universe

Arcade 1982Arcade 1983 featuring a Speeder Bike.

Arcade 1983Slave 1 is conspiciously missing. I wonder where the series will go.

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